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6-13-11 Capt Kyle Report

Well i had my hunting buddy Mr. Wiley
Prewitt down for a trip thursday and he
brought one of his friends he grew up
with along, so off to the marsh we
went.I fished around isle a pitre first
thing but not much was happening, just
a few birds working and a whole lot of
boats running around and thru the birds
killing the bite and my patience,so i
headed out to a little spot that i
havent fished in a long time and it was
great, no one else around an me and my
gang put 66 nice trout in the box and
was on the way home at 1:00 p.m. had a
great time with my hunting
buds.Saturday i fished with Capt. Matt
and we had the David Clepper Crew, I
had Andrew and Gene from Atlanta and
these guys were staying hooked up but
we lost a lot of fish at the boat my
self included, but finished off the day
with a nicr box of fish,48 trout i8
nice size wt's. Everything was caught
on plastics under a popping cork and
just swimmming it on a jig head,At the
skinning rack the Clepper crew decided
they wanted to fish again Sunday and
they persuaded me to take all 5 of them
Sunday,I don't usually fish that many
but i knew the Big Blazer Bay Could
handle the task. Capt. Matt and i went
back to the same place we started
Saturday and it was on fire, the action
was so fast that i could not keep up
with netting thefish so the boys were
just swinging them over the
side.Finally the action stopped and we
regrouped.We started headig back to the
North and worke afew birds to finish up
the trout and went Red hunting a little
while, and managed to catch 2 to and to
the already full fish box. Ended the
day with 90 specks, 26 white trout and
2 reds.Great day on the water with
these guy's Thanks David, Sean, Heath,
Andrew, And Gene, see yall in the fall.

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