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6-18-11 Capt Sonny Cat Island Trip(3 days)

Spent 3 fun filled days at Cat Island with the Bliss/Mcferrin group from Arkansas and Texas. Myself, Capt Kyle and Shore Thing Charters new golden ticket Poppa Lou Underwood. Yes, we brought a cook out to the island so Kyle and I could fish longer, eat sooner and get an extra hour of sleep. Fishing was good, food was great and the good time was off the charts.

Left the Long Beach harbor around 2 pm Thursday with live wells full of live shrimp from the Tackle Box. Got to the house on the island, unloaded our gear and let the crew enjoy some A/C and refreshments. Poppa Lou was getting our feast ready so we gave him a wide berth and hit the water. Water was calm, and Capt Matt had called with a fishing report on his way in from the LA Marsh. We headed to where he left them. The birds were still near the north tip of the marsh and the fish were hungry. I had Walter, Mark and young Max in the boat with me. We opted to throw live shrimp on the Carolina rig until we found the best bite over the oyster bottoms. Took all of 5 minutes to switch everyone over to tandem rigs for double action. As fast as these boys could cast it was on with keeper specks and big whites. Even boated a few hoss ground mullet on the glow soft plastic cocohoes? Kyle was a few hundred yards from me and all of his specks were hawgs.

We opted to go for a seafood menu for the entire trip and the crew went bonkers for it. That evening Poppa Louie rolled out the red carpet with boiled shrimp(with fixings). He later knocked the socks off of all of us with homemade cherry pie. Everyone slept very easy with a light sunburn, full bellies, and night caps for the adults.

Capt Kyle and Louie woke us all up with fresh croissants and coffee(roughing it gentlemen). We headed back to the LA marsh this time with a little chop and a few more boats in the area. Fishing a little slower, but the crew had fun picking through the trout. Both boats chased birds and but up good numbers, but no records were set that day. Wind and seas were building so we headed back to the island for lunch.

Food just kept getting better with seafood pastalaya and panead eggplant. No one made it far and we all slept through the midday heat. Afternoon was pretty much a wash with the 20 knot wind, but not a waste. The crew opted to hang out at the house and enjoy a superb dinner of fresh fried trout, homemade gumbo, and Louies cherry and blueberry pie. Kyle and I could not beleive the amount of trout this crew of six put away, it was mind blowing. None of them had ever eaten fish that fresh from the gulf, it was like watching vultures eat.

Did get to fish Saturday morning, with the rest of the armada at Isle au Pitre. Had to bounce around a bit to find the bite, but did get a few more keeper trout for the cause. Most of the trout fell for the soft platics under the popping corks. Was very sad to see so many broken boats fishing the birds. It seems that the majority of the trolling motors are broken on the boats in the area. More bad news with the fuel systems in a large number of the boats fishing diving birds. Apparently the bad fuel does not allow the boaters to idle at slow speed. The boaters are forced to idle at quarter throttle there by throwing the largest wake possible ruining the bird fishing. Hopefully these boats will be repaired by next weekend. My crew had a good time with the show Saturday morning, have to admit, all you could do was laugh. Did put a box together but had to work for every fish.

Poppa Louie and Kyle fed the boys, we got our gear and bid farewell to the island. It is getting harder and harder to leave that place. Good few days with a great crew. Never did get to go floundering with the nightly breeze, but the trip was still a lot of fun.
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