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6-24-11 Report Capt Sonny

Had all four boats out today and they all came back with plenty of fish. Myself, Capt Matt and Capt Kyle had the Pine Belt Chapter 3 boat trip winners(thanks Rome). A few of the boys were just getting back from the casino's when we pulled up at the house they were staying at on the Jourdan River. Decided and pick these guys up at their dock, and that was a good call. All but one of the night owls made it to the boats. I had Phillip Attwood, "The" Eric Parish, and Jason. With a nasty little squall to the south, the seas were kicked up pretty this morning for the crossing to the LA Marsh. All the boats handled the chop well, but we all pulled back on the throttles. Even with the stiff breeze and confused chop, the boats started working on the birds and trout. Capt Kenny, and his one man crew(Black Chaffe) got the jump on us, and he was well on his way to a limit before as we were getting started. The amount of bait in and around the marsh is mind blowing right now. Acres of pogies make it almost impossible to see the shrimp jumping. In between that, the mullet and what look like big bay chovies are getting hammered as well. The wind and seas layed out nicely by the mid morning. I couldn't help myself and tried out my cast net in open water to get a few pogies. Two casts and 150 hand sized pogies later we were back in action. Did catch one of the largest shrimp I have ever seen, he became our mascot. Sad to say, the pogies never got strike one, but all lived and were later released. Same old same old for the rest of the morning, we either let the birds or the slicks tell us where the trout were. Clear soft plastics either tandem rigged or under the popping corks worked very well. Capt Matt and Capt Kyle went in search of cleaner water an from the looks of their fish boxes at the skinning shed, they found what they were looking for. Did hear Capt Kenny mention on the radio he got his guest a triple tail today, Nice Work! The 3 boat CCA crew met back up at the world famous Bay Marina to clean the 200 plus trout. Rome Emmons even met us there to celebrate the victory. Great day with a great crew, thanks again Pine Belt Chapter.
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