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6-26-11 Report Capt Sonny(many trout)

Weekend was nothing short of "Specktacular" for all the 8 trips we had go out. Saturday I had Shore Thing regulars, The Pratt Pack. Terry, Elizabeth and Lynn met me at Bayou Caddy way early. We were getting to the LA marsh at sunrise and the bait, birds and slicks were as far as the eye could see. We chased birds for a few minutes before we found the right flock over a shell bottom. The crew went to work casting at diving birds and busting trout. When the smoke cleared they had 40 something in the box. These were much larger than what has been hitting the deck of my boat. The net got a work out with many trout over the 2+lb mark. Used soft plastics and a good bit of live shrimp under the popping cork.
Terry was the guy that got the 50lb black drum with me a few months back. He was very into looking for reds, no matter what the specks were doing. One section of broken marsh in the interior was all it took. Used the rest of our live shrimp, a foot under the popping cork. We actually plucked most of the slot reds sight fishing. The tide started rolling while we were red fishing. A 200 yard gap in the marsh was pushing water and full of trout. Got another 20 before a nasty strom sent us runnin for home. ded the day with 62 big keeper sparkle trout and 9 perfect slot reds.
Captains Matt, Kyle and Kenny all showed up at the cleaning tables with boxes slap full of fish as well.
Today myself, Capt Kyle and hired gun Capt Tony Mallini ran a three boat trip for Tom Black(6 dads and 6 sons) in town for a baseball tournament. We don't charge for anglers under the age of 13. Tom and his crew saved $450 bringing the young guns! I had Tom his buddy John and their fish slaying sons Thomas and Hunter. Caught trout from first cast till last cast with this lethal crew. Got on em and stayed on em. Keeper trout and gorilla white trout hit the deck for 4 hours straight. The bite was so good when we got our 100th sparkle trout Capt Kyle and his crew tied up on our port side to cap off his box. The youngsters got to fish with their buddies/teammates and the dads were grinning ear to ear. Somehow got a Stow-A-Way and came home with another angler. He wanted to ride back with us and his Dad said it was ok, pretty funny. All the fish fell for clear or opening night soft plastics under popping corks or tandem rigs.
Back at the skinning shed, Capt Kyle and Tony added to the mountain of trout(see pic). Capt Matt was a few minutes behind us with a box full of nice fish as well. Always enjoy the youngsters and today was picture perfect for this crew. Flat calm with an every cast bite, too much fun.
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