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6-29-11 Report Capt Sonny

Many fish have lost their lives to make this report possible. The LA Marsh south of Bayou Caddy has been very good to all the Shore Thing boats, customers and the good people at Ziploc. The bait, birds, slicks and keeper trout have been producing every day in the perfect weather.
Monday was just a good day to be on the water. I had Carl and Ronnie, found out Ronnie owns the Roman Candy cart business in New Orleans, very cool. Capt Kenny had the Mike Eastman group and Poor old Capt Kyle had a no show. We made the run in calm seas to the marsh and went to work fast. The big shrimp were jumping and the flying rats pointed the way to the trout. Hats off to everyone fishing birds on the north side Monday. At one point there were 7 boats working the same flock. Everyone either drifted, or used their trolling motors and all boats loaded up on trout. If someone wanted to move they drifted out from the flocks and idled to safe a distance and then got on a step. It is a beautiful thing to watch boats working together, catching fish and having fun. Kyle couldn't take not fishing, he showed up, got his 25 and made his way home. We could here him on the radio giving us the play by play as he went 2 for three on big triple tail by himself. Capt Kenny's crew got a nice triple tail as well. Not wanting to be left out, the first buoy we checked had a nice triple tail that we caught as well. Would you believe, this is only the second triple tail I have seen this year? Believe it or not, the only 2 fish I have seen came off the same abandoned crab buoy in open water(marked on GPS).
Back at Shiyou Caddy, my crew rolled in with 50 sparkle trout and 1 triple tail. Solo Capt Kyle hit the dock with 25 keeper specks and 2 hefty triple tail. Capt Kenny and the Eastman Crew hit the cleaning tables with 50 sparkle trout and 1 good triple tail.
I was unable to fish yesterday, but the other three boats had a bang up day on the fish. Sounded like it was just an old fashioned skull dragging on the trout, reds, flounder and even more triple tail!
The fellas and I will be posting pics over the next few days, but here are the stats.
Capt Matt Tusa with the Mike Benca crew brought in 48 specks, 5 reds, 1 flounder and 2 triple tail.
Capt Kyle Jarreau and the Randy Broome crew brought in 100 specks and went 3 for 3 on the triple tail.
Capt Kenny Shiyou and the Warren Christianson crew brought in 100 specks and went 1 for 5 on triple tail(he was not happy having to tell that story).
While I was stuck in the truck running errands all day, these guys, in my opinion had one of the better days of fishing this year. Win some, loose some I guess?
Today we had all 4 boats out again the fishing was still good. The bite was a little slower, but we found some hefty fish over the shell bottoms. Kyle and I ran a two boat trip for the Kevin Watson group. I even had the Mayor of Flowood, MS in my boat. Same old stuff, different day. We chased birds, shrimp and slicks to get 48 keeper specks before heading north to look for triple tail(0-0). Kyle and the other half bested our crew with 67 specks and also goose egged on the triple tail. Capt King Pin Kenny showed back up at his cleaning table with 72 sparkle trout and also went 0-0 on the triple tail. Capt Matt had a very late departure and very early return with the Watts Bros crew, sounded like his customer wanted some trout for supper and called it a day(very quick trip).
Almost of all the trout are hitting the soft plastics either under the popping cork or on the tight lined tandem rigs. Looks like most of the boats are using clear or salt and pepper style baits. Marsh Works Bayou thumpers, Strike King, and H&H Cocahoes are all getting it done. The live shrimp is being used on the triple tail, reds, flounder and stubborn trout. Fishing is very very good right now, and we have boats open if you want to get in on it. Call or email to get in on the incredible fishing...
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