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7-22-11 Report Capt Kyle

Tough Day at the office today, I had
David Cupples and his wife Lauren from
the Jackson area.Left early but the
squalls started popping up before
daylight.Set up shop and went to work,
put some good Quality fish in the box
but it just wasn't any numbers. The
Bulls showed up and Ms. Lauren hooked
in to one,and the Battle was on.She is
a trooper and fought and landed the
fish all by herself,she wanted hubby
Dave to help and he said no way, she
looked at me and i said you can do it
and i started coaching her along,about
10 minutes later she was bringing it
along side for me to scoop it up.Capt.
Sonny and I decided to evacuate the
premises before they named the next one
that was headed our way and it was
looking like a Man Eater.Headed north
and made it to the Cat Island Lodge to
ride it out.We got to show our group's
the Lodge and they were impressed to
say the least,We got to shoot the
breeze with Walter and waited for our
window to head back to Shiyou
Caddy.Made our break and did manage to
catch 2 Triple Tail on the way in,Ms
Lauren snagged the first one and that
just made her day with and inshore
slam.A few minutes later and Big Dave
Hooked up with one and we headed for
the Barn.Great Day On The Water with a
Wonderful CUPPLE, and two new Friend's.
The whole crew will be out tomorrow and
i hope the weather will be a little
better.Every one be Safe and Pay
attention to the weather and don't wait
until the last minute to make your
run.Tight Lines, Capt. Kyle Jarreau

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