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7-28-11 Report Capt Kyle

Wednesday i had the Craft tribe,Ben,
Debra, Taylor, Colby and Jessica.It was
Big Ben's birth day and he got a
fishing trip from Debra for a really
nice gift.We blasted off before
daylight and a smooth ride to the
fishing grounds,set up shop with the
live croakers, and the Silver Wonder's
started hitting the deck.The action was
steady and this crew didn't give this
old capt. a break until 9:30.The action
finally slowed and the rain started
moveing in so we left and went on the
hunt for the elusive Triple Tail, ran a
lot of structure and only found one
nice one and could not get him to bite.
Headed for Shiyou Caddy and hit the
dock with 65 Mule Trout. Ya'll can
check out the pic's, Happy Birth Day
Ben and i will see you real soon.We
will be in Jackson at the XTRAVAGANZA
August 5, 6, 7, come by and see us in
Booth 817, Tight Lines and BE SAFE, it
is that time of year when the Bad
WEATHER can BLOW up on you at any time,
so keep your eye to the sky.
Tight Lines, Capt. Kyle Jarreau

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