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8-14-11 Report Capt Sonny(Awesome Pics)

Some of the most memorable fishing in Shore Thing history has happened in the past two days! The boys have been fishing hard and covering alot of ground. Monday and Tuesday I was out at the Cat Island house with the gang from Marsh and Bayou Magazine doing a story on our all inclusive get-away(all info is on site under Cat Island Experience). The plan was to get as much fishing done for trout, reds, triple tail and go floundering. Capt Kenny and Capt Poot took care of all the fishing, I was there strictly for entertainment. On the way to the island the dynamic duo got three triple tail! I had Chris, Steve and Kelly in my boat and we mainly took pictures of the other boat, very good ones I might add. Got back to the island house late and fired up the grill with steaks, sausage, and baked potatoes. Our chef Poppa Louie could not make this trip, but sent a care package with me of exotic dips, pastas and stuffing that would knock you socks off. As the boys ate, drank and got merry, me and Capt Poot got everything ready for some nigh time floundering. The conditions could not have been anymore wrong: High water, High winds, and murky water. The M&B boys said we were going so off we went. Ten seconds after we hit the beach and got the gear all ready, Poot stuck a nice fatty that sent the crew into fun overload. We walked all through the night and into the next morning sticking several nice flat fish. Amazingly, no one got hurt, we all got back safe and managed put a few nice founder in the box. Our crew did not get back to the house until 5AM! The wise Capt Kenny stayed back and slept and was up bright an early. Somehow, on no sleep, Capt Poot joined him and they fished a couple hours while the rest of us slept in the freezing AC. We saw them on the way home and they had twenty something keeper trout and a nice slot red. The boys got their pictures of the their fish and we said our good byes to the island(Look for the story in the September issue). Could not have done it without Kenny and Poot, they saved the day. Here is where the story gets good...

Capt Kenny and Poot gave them all of their fish to the M&B boys as gift from Shore Thing. Not wanting to go home without supper those two went looking for more triple tail. Not only did they find two more, but one of them was 27.1 POUNDS! Did not believe it until Capt Kenny sent the me pics late that night.

Well, today we had calm seas, clean water and some good crews that had heard about Kenny and Poots exploits. I had the Jim Watts crew of two back again for another good day on the water. Capt Matt had the Canepari group and Capt Kenny and Capt Poot could not leave it alone, they went back for round 2. Capt Matt found the trout early in MS waters and called us in on a great bite over a shell reef. As we pulled up, we could see all three of their rods bent and trout dancing across the water. We set up shop as close to him as possible with Carolina rigs and used mullet, pogies and shrimp. Could not keep up with Matt's crew but when the smoke cleared, we got 20 good ones to his crews 36 big MS specks.

We had little to no tide, the sun was out, the water was fairly clean and we had a live well full of big shrimp, we all went looking for triple tail. Found them in good numbers and size today. Tied my boat record for most caught this year and shattered my boat record for size(stay with me). Went 5 for 6 today with our best fish going 23.5 POUNDS! Saw three fish on the same buoy, had a double hook up, it was some of the best triple fishing I have ever been a part of. Jim and Jeff were blown away, they also know how good them suckers taste. The big one was the last one to hit the box. After the pictures, Jim and Jeff ordered me to go in. They asked me to give the rest of our shrimp to Capt Matt's crew and get them to the nearest po-boy shop. Capt Matt took our bait with a smile and used it to get his crew a very healthy 18 POUND triple tail!!!

Never once letting me have my day in the lime light, Capt Kenny and Capt Poot hit the mother load on trout and triple tail. The boys destroyed the trout, all on topwater, in MS water. Kenny even told me they got their 30 fish, and filmed many many more catch and releases. The boys then unleashed hell on the triple tail the whole way home. With a total disregard to yours truly finally getting into the 20lb triple tail club, and besides the fact that Kenny has been in that club twice already this month, they bested me again. 4 triple tail hit the deck of Kenny's Sea Hunt with one monster tipping the scales at 26.5 POUNDS! Saw the fish myself with a crowd of misfits at Sid Leblanc's Boat Yard, it was a stud. We give each other a hard time, but could not be happier for those two guys, nice work Kenny and Poot. Got boats open if anyone wants to go, all the info is on the website, or call...

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