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8-21-11 Report(Capt Kyle)

Finally got back to fishing after the

Xtravaganza, and high winds finally

laid down.Friday i had Jim Watts and

his buddy Dr. Jeff in from Kentucky,

Captain Sonny fished them Wednesday

and had a great catch of Trout and

Triple Tail,they could only fish a

couple of hours Thursday before flying

back to Kentucky in time to get Dr.

Jeff back for a 2 p. m. elbow

surgery.We went straight to the hole

that Capt. Matt and Sonny left them

Wednesday and it was action from the

get go with live shrimp under the

popping corks,caught some really nice

fish and Jim pulled the plug and said

lets go after # 25 hit the ice.Friday i

had Gerry and Marcia in from

Prarieville La.went back to the shell's

i fished the day before and the bite

was steady with some nice fish being

caught,hit our Ms. limit and the sun

came out and the seas calmed and it was

time to go a huntin for the Double

T's.The second stop put us on 2 Tails

and we made short work with both of

them in the box in about 5 minutes.The

crew was pumped with this new species

and tactics so we kept on a huntin,we

wound up going 3 for 4 and they were

some nice fish.Saturday Capt. Sonny and

I had a 2 boat trip for a bachelor

party,these guy's were going to make

their first light tackle salt water

trip,first stop was steady but did not

last to long, Capt. Sonny made a move

and called me in on a fast and furious

bite,we caught the tail end of it but

it was a enough to finish off our Ms.

limit of trout.Me and the crew decided

to start Huntn and get some air a

moveing,met up with captain Kenny and

his better half,and got to see her land

a beautiful 16# Triple Tail, got back

to huntin when Captain Kenny called me

to cone over and let these guy's try

their hand at the Double T's,the soon

to be groom made the first cast and got

caught on the cork,so i grabbed another

rod and Corey pitched it and it was

pure pandemonium when the @##$% hit the

fan,the fished wrapped around the cork

and i had to ease up with the trolling

motor and try and net a pure D green

fish,i think i put him in the net on

the the third try but it was all a

blur. I haven' seen it yet but Capt.

Kenny and Ms. Jesse caught all the

action on video.Went back to work and

finished up the day with 2man limit of

trout 12 white trout and 2 for 3 on the

Double t's,Capt. Sonny had a 2man limit

some white trout and 5 nice Drum.The

fishing is good and the fall fishing is

right around the corner,we are Booking

up pretty good and we still have dates

available for the fall and if the

fishing is anything like it has been

this Spring and Summer and ( i think it

is) it will be one of the best seasons

in a long time.With 4 Boats available

we can Take Large and Small group's,so

Quit Wishin and Let's Go Fishin Call

Shore Thing Charter's.228-324-5990 228-


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