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8-21-11 Report(Capt Sonny)

Fished the last three, 2 days in MS water and 1 in LA. Good days in all three, but different fishing everyday, here we go...

Friday was Judge Kelvin Wells in town from Destin with his buddies Cliff, Ben and Frank. This crew actually asked to stay in close so we did the MS thing. First stop was in croaker country, but all we had was big live shrimp and mullet to throw over the shells. Did not take long for some of the biggest MS trout I have seen all year to hit the box. Did not catch but about a dozen, and a porker of sheepshead but they were all net worthy. Hit the bridges with the cracked crab on the bottom and went to work on the black drum. Hit 5 real quick and even a nice slot red joined the ice party in the fish box. Judge Kelvin was really here to try his luck with the triple tail and the conditions were perfect: slow moving tide, sunny, glass calm, and semi clean water. Ran many pieces of structure and only found one. Was not all that bad, the fish went 20.5lbs!!! Did get to see Shore Thing Pro Staffers: Uncle Jessie, Joey and Mitch at the skinning shed. They brought us down a much needed shipment of Marsh Works killa squilla shrimp, bayou thumpers, and popping corks(Many thanks gentlemen).

Saturday I had one half of the Corey Stevens bachelor party crew(2 people) and Kyle and I opted to stay in close. Never did get the real name of my two guys, one went by "Fire Work" and the others handle was "Cheezy". These boys had not done much salt water fishing, but they picked it up quick. Kyles crew and mine did find one hot bite minutes from the shore that was off the charts. At one point we would have trout on the hook, trout taking shots at the in comming corks, and if the croaker got flung off the line during the fight, more trout going after that. Capt Kyle an I both got our crews their 30 MS trout and went looking for other stuff. Kyles crew did well on the triple tail, pretty sure they went 2 for 3. Hat's off to Jesse Shiyou, she got her first ever triple tail with her hubby, Capt Kenny. It was a solid 16lber! My crew wound up back at the bridge battling the black drum. Bite was a little slow, but the shade made it worth it. Did finally get a nice one for my guys, they went bonkers. Got 4, and went 0 for 0 on the day for triple tail. The 2 boat 4 man trip ended the day with 60 specks, many whites, 2 triple tail, and 4 black drum.

Got to put our new Marsh Works baits and popping corks to good use today. Finally got back to the LA Marsh, was happy to see it is still there. Made one stop for the trout and it got a little out of control. The specks were hungry, but the big white trout were ravenous. Mike Holleman and his crew(Boyce and Mike) said they wanted to keep alot of fish, so we did. A little after 9AM the boys had over 100 whites and over 40 specks. Marsh works bayou thumpers in the clear or croakaine color did almost all of the damage over shell bottoms. It was 4 at a time for the first hour. Long on fish and short on ice we made one quick stop to look for reds. No reds, but did snag a 4 foot alligator gar, even got it in the boat for pictures. Mike wanted to look to triple tail so we hit a few buoys on the way in. Did manage to see and catch a nice 10lber and then it was home to get some more ice. Ended the day with 122 big whites, 49 specks, 1 triple tail and one alligator gar(released). The electric knife got a good work out at the cleaning dock.

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