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9-25-11 Report(Capt Sonny) *many pictures*

Had a chance to fish with my old deck hand from the Venice days on Friday. Casey Forshag and his dad Kurt were along for the ride. Casey and I spent hundreds of hours on the water in years past catching: tuna, wahoo, dolphin, snapper, grouper, amberjack and cobia. He and I have never caught a marlin or triple tail together, while on the same boat. One of those we would have a shot at by the end of the day. Day started off pretty well. Had a light breeze and clean water. Capt Kenny has been catching some nice trout to the east, and he pointed us in the right direction. First few casts with the popping cork put the biggest trout in the box since TS Lee(thanks Capt Kenny). Got about 20 box before the wind picked up and shut our bite down. Found them again inside the marsh over an oyster reef in 3 feet of water. Put a few more in the box before the white trout took over. Left em bitting to go look for reds in the 3 mile area. Got 4 keepers, but the rat reds would not give us a break. Casey had what would have been, the biggest flounder of the year, shake off at the boat. Wind layed down nice for the ride home and since we did not catch any marlin, we had to look for triple tail. Saw 5 and Casey caught his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd triple tail ever! I have fished with him and Mr Kurt several times, and don't think I have ever seen them that excited. Ended a very fun day with 23 big specks, 4 reds and 3 triple tail.
Saturday was a lively bunch from Jackson. Andrew Bush, his wife Jennifer and their buddies Brett and Carla werew along for the ride. Left Bayou Caddy at the crack of 8AM. Little windy so we opted to head west into the LA marsh for protection. Found some big trout fishing drains, just not big numbers. Plugged away day for a trout here or a red there. Wind layed down for the ride in. Used the calm seas and slow moving current to find 3 triple tail. One of the larger ones we saw was free swimming. Did not get the free range one, but Andrew and Kyle both landed one. Ended a long one with 10 keeper trout, 3 slot reds and went for 2 for 3 on triple tail.
Sunday had three generations of the Williams tribe on the boat. Grandpa, Daddy, and the two boys were along for the ride. Andrew a fellow St Stanislaus alumnist set this up for his Dad and his two sons(Gibson 4 and Henry 6). We made the day all about the young anglers. Did find fish at most spots and the boys could be heard from one end of the LA Marsh to the other every time we caught one. We would help cast and they would reel, all day long. We found our trout fishing in some drains Capt Matt mentioned might work. The mullet, pogies, rain minnows and shrimp were getting forced through a narrow cut and the trout were there waiting. Most of the stuff the boys reeled in were smaller specks and big whites, but they freakin loved it. Tried to redfish two areas in 3 mile with the high water and struggled to find any fish. I was able to get into lagoons and places I have never fished. Guess the reds were even further in the grass. Did pull one slot and two big flounders before we headed back to the trout. Drifted one oyster reef on the east side while the boys were napping. Had to wake them up early for an every cast trout bite. Put a nice mess of mostly whites in the box with their help. Looked for triple tail on the way home and went 0 for 1. Always fun fishing with the young guns and these boys were tough. Kept them on the water almost 8 hours and they did not want to come in. Ended a good one with Team Williams getting 10 specks, 22 whites, 2 flounder and 1 red.
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