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I only managed to fish one day over the weekend, I had a couple of cancelled charters. I did have the pleasure of fishing with Dr. Meyers, Lylan, and two youngsters Ross and Paul. The day started off on a quick bite of trout and white trout. The fish were coming over the side rather quickly. Every fish we kept we had to throw one back, so not huge fish but steady action. We bumped around that same area picking up a couple trout on every other point. Ross and Paul really wanted to catch red fish, and I really tried to put them on a few. My only guess was that the water was so high the fish were so far up in the grass we could not get to them. We did not see one blow up on the bank, move, nothing. We probably would have better luck fishing reds later in the day as the water dropped, but these guys had to make the trek to the Big Easy. We ended the day with 30 speckled trout and a handful of white trout.

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