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10-5-11 Report(Capt Sonny)

Stayed in close the last two days due to some angry seas. The east wind allowed us to fish the bridges as well as the Rigolets. Going between the two took a while, but it was worth it on Tuesday.
Had Dudely Sandifer and his buddy Bill, both from Monticello, MS along for the ride. These boys have not been salt water fishing a long time, and I did not want them to get too beat up. We started by the Pearl River and actually found some nice fish. Live shrimp under the popping cork did much of the damage to the sparkle trout. Since we were in MS waters, most of the fish we caught were 12 and 3/4 inches. Did put some nice ones on ice. The outgoing tide was very kind to us. The bait was getting flushed out of every drain. We also tried slow bumping live finger mullet on the bottom. No telling how many flounder we missed, but we did manage to get 6 good ones for the cause. Bill and Dudely were here to catch some reds, but all the ones we caught were under the slot. We put on our big boy britches and headed to the bridges. Slow ride with the head sea, but made it with no problem. Did not find them the big reds, but they were just fine with black drum. The drum were thick, both big and small. They kept 7 puppy drum and released 3 big sea monsters.
Wednesday was my buddy Chris "the triple tail guru" Gouras. He had too much fun a few weeks back, he had to come back and try one last time for triple tail. Chris brought his son Chris Jr with him on this one. Since the weather man told us it was going to be 10mph winds and 1 to 2 foot seas we figured it might work. Well... lets just say the forecast was a tad bit off. The east wind pumped all day, and this last cold front put the water temp much too low for what we had planned. The water barely broke 70 degrees where we we fished, and that was in the afternoon. We went back to some of the same drains we fished the day before and some of our friends were still hanging around. Team Gouras did well with the trout, reds and flounder. Again, the live shrimp worked well, but Big Chris caught trout on jerk baits, topwater, and suspending mirrolures. We still spent a large part of the day looking for triple tail. Passed miles and miles of buoys and floating structure. Only glimmer of hope came when a brim sized triple tail followed Chris Jr's shrimp up to surface, just to swim away. That would be the only fish we saw all day. Long day in the sloppy water, but still amazed at the skill these guys have, even in rough water. I am bringing these assassins back in July to settle the score.
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