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10-22-11( over 100 flounder!!!)

1 boat out Thursday and 3 boats out Friday, and together we put 112 flounder in the box! Thursday I had Team "Fighting Chicken". Lenny Maliotese Jr and Sr were on the boat. A few years back I caught 40 flounder with these guys. Well, we finally got all the conditions right and hit it perfect. Spent most of the day pounding banks near Bayou Caddy and put 30 big flounder in the box. Used tight lined soft plastics(white or opening night) tipped with either dead shrimp or cut bait. These guys used to fish for fluke commercially on the east cost and they were deadly. Biggest help came at the cleaning table. Lenny Jr can fillet a flounder 4 to my one.
Had the David Owen crew in town for their buddy Rob's bachelor party for a two day trip. The boys did not get into town until lunch time Friday and we just couldn't leave it alone. Myself, Capt Kyle and Capt Matt all headed back to the flounder grounds. It was steady for most of the afternoon. You would hear a hoop or hollar from the other boats as big flat fatties would come over the side. The bite just kept getting better and better until all hell broke loose for the last 30 minutes. Most of the guys were getting a bite on almost every cast until it was just getting too late. All three boats made it back to the cleaning table with 82 FREAKIN FLOUNDER!!! Best part of the trip was watching Capt Matt's boat. Somehow Matt forgot to bring a landing net, he normally has two on board. His crew not only did well, but they landed the biggest flounder of the year, a porker going just over 6lbs! both days, we got to see dolphins knocking flounder 10 feet out of the water. One of the fish we caught even had teeth marks down the sides of it. Would never have believed it, had I not seen it with my own eyes(many times).
The very lively crew headed back to the Beau Rivage Casino for the evening and were back at the dock for 8AM. Looked like they had a good time but were ready to get back on the water. They had their fill on flounder and wanted to go after trout and reds. All three boats headed to the LA Marsh and picked all day. Finding fish was not hard, but none of the boats found a good bite with keeper sized fish. Every time my crew would get on a bite a bull red would hit and shut us down. All the boats returned with a mixed bag of slot reds, keeper specks, whites, but released all the big bulls. Capt Kenny showed up after while, he did pretty darn good with his three man crew, looked like he had close to 50 nice specks. Live shrimp worked well, the water was pretty dirty in the 9 Mile area. Took the better part of the afternoon to clean the meat haul. Capt Kyle got a gold star for delivering their fish to them back in Biloxi on his way home(classy).
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