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10-26-11 Report(Capt Sonny)

Fishing just has been nothing short Re-donkulous the last few days. Fall fishing presents us with many different options, and they all seem to be producing well.
Monday I had my second cousin on the boat. Ronald Carver, his buddy Alex and brothers(locals) Micheal and Claude Green. All these folks grew up with my dad, so the pressure was on. Headed to the LA Marsh, into the 3 Mile area. Glass calm for the crossing and the water was semi-clean. Actually found birds diving and they had keeper trout under them. Four rods were bent and the boys were all smiles. Spent the rest of the morning pecking around points looking for bait, moving water, and or birds. Used live shrimp most of the day for a slow steady trout bite. If the bite turned on, we would make a quick switch to clear soft plastics(under popping corks). Did get a slot red to try an eat my popping cork 3 times before Alex nailed him with a live shrimp. Seeing that we switched gears and went after reds. Did not take long before we found ourselves in a pack of hungry big bulls. Was almost every cast and the boys went 5 for 9. Some broke off, and others spit the hook. Tried to leave, but as we were idling out we ran through a massive school of black drum, in 2 foot of water. By now we had burned through all of our shrimp. We found one small dead shrimp in the well and Mike got the honor. He casted into the school and immediately hooked up. Chased down the big drum, landed it, took our pics, released it and went home. Hit the dock with 51 specks, 4 reds, and 1 sheepshead(released 2 bulls and one drum).
Got back to THE BOATHOUSE and my boat was way overdue for an oil and filter change. Sid Leblanc saved the day, staying late to get-r-done. Can't say enough about the BOATHOUSE in Lakeshore, they are the best of the best.
Tuesday was a big trip. Had my brother Beau set up a trip for the company he works with(Intermarine). He brought customers and clients in town for the Break Bulk convention in New Orleans. Only get to fish with big brother once or twice a year and with his boss here, the pressure was on. Myself, Capt Matt, Capt Kyle, Capt Kenny and hired gun Capt Pappy took out almost 20 anglers. SE wind was honking and we had to be in early. We stayed in close to Bayou Caddy and punished the flounder. Beau, new guy Brandon and Shore Thing regular Alex Strogen were on my boat. Listening to the VHF chatter was almost as fun as fishing with this gang. It was a competition so everyone was calling in stats. We stayed on a consistent flounder bite bouncing salt and pepper Marsh Works Bayou Thumpers tipped with either cut bait or shrimp. Capt Kenny's boat was all over the radio, they were on the flounder. Only fished a few hours, but returned to the dock with a haul. The boats hit Bayou Caddy with exactly 75 flounder, they also threw in a couple of trout and reds. Capt Kenny's boat won the prize for the most, and Pappy's boat got biggest with a nice red.
Today was Shore Thing Regular, Jim Watts and his buddy Chris. Jim is easy, he likes to leave early and get back early. Luckily, we hit our trout at the first stop of the morning. We found diving birds near 3 mile over an oyster reef in 3 foot of water. He usually stops at 15, but we got greedy and kept a mixed box of 32 specks and whites. Saw the trout busting on nice sized shrimp and what looked to be rain minnows. Not much to it, Marsh Works Bayou Thumpers under the same brand popping cork did every bit of the damage. With that out of the way we had all morning to red fish(we needed it). Water was very low and dirty. Finding reds was not a problem. Most of our go to banks were full of them. The problem was that we could not get with in casting range of the fish. The reds looked more like snakes slithering down the banks, their backs were completely out of the low water. Say plenty, hooked 5 and only landed 3. Always a good time with Jim though.
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