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Monthly Archives: November 2011

11-21-11 Report

3 days of fishing with very different results. First off, many thanks to Rick Burris and everyone who attended the DMR speckled trout seminar in...
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Capt Sonny Speaking at Salt Water Seminar in Biloxi, MS

Anyone in the Biloxi, MS area on Thursday Nov, 17th come by and check out the DMR Saltwater Seminar Series. Dr Jim Franks and Read Hendon of the Gulf Coast Research Lab will be there along with Capt Sonny Schindler of Shore Thing Fishing Charters. Focus of the Seminar will be on Speckled Trout in...
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11-2-11 Report(Capt Sonny)

Little bit of business, little bit of pleasure. Monday, had no intention of wetting a line. Dropped the little one off at day care, and...
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