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11-2-11 Report(Capt Sonny)

Little bit of business, little bit of pleasure. Monday, had no intention of wetting a line. Dropped the little one off at day care, and was going to the tackle store for a much needed re-stocking. Capt Kenny called and said, "it can wait, me are Kyle are almost to the launch, let's go get some flatties". Twenty minutes and three casts later I watched the first flounder of the morning land in the boat. We work together, but seldom do we get to fish together. Capt Matt missed the very small window to jump on the boat, he was not too happy. Had a great morning, catching fish, talking trash, and sharpening our "missed fish vocabulary". Brought not one cube off ice for the fish, or the drinks for that matter. Capt Kenny fired up the live well and we turned that sucker brown with big fat flounder. Just tight lining jig heads tipped with shrimp, minnows or cut bait down the shore lines all morning long. While we were out there, Nathan Guice called and asked how the flounder were biting. I informed him that number 16 had just landed in the live well and we were headed home to eat a few. He booked for Wednesday just for flounder fishing. That live well idea was a good one, until it came time to clean 16 pissed off big flounder(pretty comical).
Just Nathan and I grinded out the morning on Wednesday. He grew up flounder fishing in back bay Biloxi. Even with the wind howling, we still found some protected water with some flatties in it. Nathan and I got 11 good ones(missed many) and released a few of the smaller ones. Just glad Nathan got to catch a couple big uns on his day off work. Next on his list is triple tail. See you in the Spring ole boy...
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