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Several days fishing report(many pictures)!!!

Might overlap some of these reports with Capt Matt's posts, but did not want to leave any of the great fishing tales out! Have had boats on the water everyday for the past week. Capt Kenny is on the water as I am typing this shooting me fish pics. Looks as though spring dun come early this year with the speckled trout already making a good appearance in the fish boxes. This time last year we were in heavy jackets fishing dead water. Everyone is in flip flops and nursing sun burns, bring on the heat and bring on the fishing reports!!!
Wednesday Capt Kyle had Jay Melligrin, sons Jason and Jason along with their Uncle Todd. The group left from Shore Things completely renovated private dock in Bayou Caddy aka Shiyou Caddy. The group stayed in close for one our "near shore" trips and Capt Kyle kept his crew busy. The boys ended their great weather day with a good catch. 10 sheepshead, 8 puppy drum, 7 white trout, 3 ground mullet, and Jesse even boated a 2lb trout! This was the same day Capt Matt and Capt Kenny brought in a mind boggling 40 puppy drum!!!
Did not get my notes right for the trips on the 3 boats we had out on Thursday, guess I will have to get back to that one...
Friday the fog lifted early so Captains Kenny and Matt took there groups across to the LA Marsh. Capt Kyle stayed in close with his group from Indiana. I know Capt Kenny found some nice trout. He said that the bait is getting pretty thick and he did see plenty of bay chovies. Kyle's group made a good show of it, close to home. They hooked a sea monster black drum on their 3rd cast of the morning. The fish forced Kyle to pull anchor and give chase. It weighed 42lbs on his boga grip scale. The crew kept 43 white trout and 4 puppy drum. They decided at the dock not to keep the fish for fear of it spoiling on the trip home. When I spoke with Kyle this morning he had the grease rolling and did not sound too upset. Everyone in his neighborhood was on their way over to enjoy some fresh fish(perks of the job).
Matt and Kennys crew rolled back in with some healthy trout and gorgeous slot reds. Did not get the stats off of Matts boat, but Kenny had 25 big trout, 1 flounder and went 3 for 8 on the slot reds.
Saturday was the big trip from Saint Stanislaus College Prep, whos mascot is on ESPN's top 10weirdest, The Rock-A-Chaw(a type of spur). Capt Matt and I were Class of 95 there, so this is always a fun trip for Shore Thing. 17 high school students were on board for their annual trip. We even had to call in one of our favorite hired guns for the over flow, Capt Brett Ladner. Big thanks to Capt Brett for coming through, I have been off on family business and he has been sick as a dawg. This trip had to have been there biggest haul in several years. The young men, many from all over globe, hit the water in picture perfect weather. They did a near shore trip, pounding the reefs and bridges for the constant action. The boys bested over 200 white trout, which the guides cleaned for the school to eat that night for supper. I know Kyles boat did get a big sea monster black drum in the 40lb range(Manuel from Monterrey Mexico). The boats also came back in with ground mullet, puppy drum, and flounder. This trip was the first time some of these young fellas have ever been fishing, what a perfect day.
Got off the phone with Capt Kenny while I was typing this up, he was still getting it done o in the bay. He is enjoying his day off on the water with his cousins Scott, Riley, Ashely and Major Kerr(no rest for the weary). He could barely talk and from the pictures he sent it looks like the near shore fishing is only getting better and better. They appear to be doing a number on the sheepshead and drum.
Well, the first round of spring break is over, if anyone wants to get in on the great weather and wonderful fishing, call, email or check the website for more info.
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