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3-27-12 Capt Sonny and Capt Kenny

Got a last minute trip thrown to us from the boys at Salt Grass, thanks guys. Russ Barnett and his crew needed two boats. Capt Kenny and myself were happy to run the this group of 4 adults and 2 young anglers on one of near shore trips. Laura, James and Taylor were from Chicago in town visiting Russ. They have spent most of their fishing time on fresh water, catching muskie, pike, and lake trout. I learned their biggest fish to date was a 15 pound lake trout. Figured we could smash that easily with one our resident Sea Monster Black Drum. We pounded out the reefs all morning with dead shrimp and crab. Capt Kenny and his crew(Russ, Trevor and Mrs Grace) put on a freakin clinic at the reefs. Our boat was getting bit every cast, but Kennys crew was hooking almost every fish. NEVER LEAVE FISH TO FIND FISH, I broke this rule at the first stop of the day and paid for it. While they were boating fish, we spent all day picking up a few here and there at every stop. Not happy with the box we had, we went back to the first reef we fished. Started boxing fish, but finally hit pay dirt with the sea monsters. Kenny was on his way back to the dock and got in on the bite. We went 3 for 5 in just 30 minutes(photo and release). Pretty sure the other boat did about the same. Needless to say we smashed the biggest fish record for Laura, James and Taylor, actually doubled it! Back at the dock we put our fish together and had almost 20 puppy drum and 50ish mixed white trout and ground mullet. In all fairness, Kennys crew did the majority of the work.
As I was pulling my boat out of the water, looked like Capt Kyle and Capt Kenny were heading back out. Judging from the pictures he has been sending me over his phone, looks like boys had a nice evening in the marsh smashing up some redfish. The Spring Fever has no known cure, but can be treated with regular fishing trips. Will to get the details tomorrow...
The Okuma Trios spinning reels are taking all we can dish out. Smooth casting with a ton a power to turn even the most stubborn fish. Been very pleased all around with them.
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