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Monthly Archives: April 2012

4-28-12 Report

5 boats out today and over 300 speckled trout were brought back to the dock. Looks like we are going to be in for some fantastic Spring and Summer fishing. Little choppy from the wind, and water was a bit murky, but the trout did not seem to mind. Again, the hard rising tide...
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4-27-12 Report

Two amazing days of fishing in the LA Marsh. Thursday was the famous Pfister group back yet again. These boys have fishing with Shore Thing since 2003, and we can’t get rid of them. One of the best days of fishing was with this crew in October of 2007. Mike, Perry and Joe wanted to...
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Capt Matt 4-27-12 Report

I am going to keep this short because the dock shots attached speak for themselves. The winds and dirty water conditions we have been dealing with have made our task tough to say the least. But with all four Shore Thing guides on the water all week, working together to zero in on the fish,...
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4-25-12 Report

One of the more interesting, fun, entertaining, an enjoyable days I have had on and off the water in a long time. Started out like any other, Capt Matt and I were waiting for our customers at Shiyou Caddy. Don Smith with Matt was on time, but was unable to get in touch with his...
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