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4-19-12 Report

Been away from the computer for a few days, but have plenty to report. The Fish Smart workshop I was invited to in St Petersburg for the release of deepwater species was pretty darn cool. Got to sit in the same room with some of the most brilliant biologists and scientists in the world of water. They knew everything about grouper and snapper you could ever imagine. However, they would be the first to tell you, they do not fish a whole heck of a lot. On almost every topic, they asked the three charter boat captain's that attended. Many of these workshops are open to the public, and they need the "common mans" help. I can hardly add or do chemistry, but spend plenty of time of the water. Most of the PH D's in the room were just the opposite. Can't tell you how many questions they asked us about our on the job experience. These people don't just need our help, they really want it. I tried to get every persons contact info there. If they have anything open to the public anywhere, I will be happy to post it. Just so you know, other than a barbless hook an a weight, the SEAQUALIZER was the most productive re compression release tool they showed us. I have personally always has my doubts about venting(personal opinion).
While I was soaking up the ultra violet meeting room light at the University of West Florida, the other Shore Thing Captains were catching fish. Capt Kenny was putting a hurting on the local black drum stocks and sounded like Capt Matt was sticking it to the speckled trout in the marsh. Even heard from some friends that the triple tail have started showing up...
Last Saturday was a windy three boat outing for the Hotzclaw beer distributors. Only option we had was the to fish the bay. It blew 25 plus mph all day and we actually had to leave the bridges to find safe water to fish. Called in a favor to our friend Capt John Haller from Lake Ponchatrain. Myself, Capt Matt and Capt John made a day of it, as best we could. My boat only boxed a few puppy drum before calling it a day. Capt Matt and Capt Johns boat did actually pretty good, considering the blistering wind. Good crew, they could have had fun in a paper bag.
All trips that Sunday rescheduled, so Capt Kenny had a dock warming party at Shiyou Caddy. It was the social event of the season on the bayou. 4 sacks of Pearl River crawfish with all the fixins. We now know, the new dock can handle more people then we can fit on our 4 boats. Not a bad day off work...
Had the crew from Mississippi Outdoors Television on the boats this afternoon. Lakeshores own, host Todd Shiyou with camera man Scooter rode with Capt Matt. I had the big man Clark Gordon ride with me, he brought a camera also. Matt did a great job with his crew, they got everything they needed for the show. They caught trout, big trout, redfish, and the first triple tail of the year for Shore Thing. Hope he tells the story on his report, sounded like an awesome trip. Clark an I turned our trout and redfish trip into a triple tail trip pretty quick. We were running through open water near the LA Marsh when we passed a plastic patio chair in the water. If it were on land, the triple tail would have been right under your rear end. One cast with a live shrimp(thanks Capt Kenny and Kyle) and we had our first triple tail of the year for my boat. Did not even get the boat a plane before we saw our second triple tail under a plastic bag. Actually had two on it, so Clark let me run the camera. My man got his first triple tail ever on just one cast, he almost came unglued. Never did find the other one.
Heard Capt Kenny and Capt Kyle were out with a Shore Thing regular Justin Jeffcoat. Sounded like they got close to 30 trout on a late afternoon scouting trip. Seems as though they found some big girls on the topwater baits. Judging from the pictures he sent to me, looks as though the bull reds took a liking to their baits too. Water looked good in the marsh. Was not super clean, but with all the wind we have been having, guess you take what you can get...
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