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4-22-12 report

Picked a bad day to be off the water on Friday. Capt Matt and Capt Kenny called as I was wrapping up some personal business. They sounded like two young girls who just caught the sweaty t-shirt thrown by Justin Beiber at the concert. Wanted to hang up on both phone calls, but noboys fault but mine for not taking advantage of the great weather. Both of them not only found trout, but big trout. Even heard Capt Matt kept seeing triple tail all afternoon, 6 total I believe(caught 2) Kenny sent me his pics from Day 2 with Justin Jeffcoat and it looks like they did very well on the sparkle trout. They caught 46 big keeper specks and 1 nice flounder. Judging from the pictures it looks like Capt Kenny and Justin did some early morning top water catching. Nothing will stop and keep your heart pounding like those big trout on topwater. Kenny did say that they went 0 for 1 on triple tail Friday.
Weather forced us to either cancel or reschedule everything for Saturday and Sunday. Hoping mother nature deals us a better hand this week. This is the most frustrating thing about Spring. It happens every single year, we get 5 days of junk weather, and then 2 days of picture perfect weather. Those two days you usually find fish and you want to go more. Stinks, but we just have to wait, or find some where to hide from the wind and waves. Till the calm winds get here, we will just pick our days, be safe and try to have some fun when we can. Those fish are not going anywhere...
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