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4-24-12 Report

Two great days of fishing, one very windy, and one with no wind at all. Monday Matt and Kenny were out in the windy Bay of St Louis. Conditions did not permit them to go across to the LA Marsh, but they both put good boxes of fish together. Capt Kenny had Gerald, Janice, Sonny and Debbie from Batesville, MS. They worked any where the wind would allow them. Reefs were where Kenny and Matt did almost all of the damage. Capt Kenny and the Batesville boys and girls caught 54 white trout, 5 puppy drum and 1 red fish. Sounded like Matts crew was not far behind Kennys crew. No clue how those two pulled off a catch that in that much wind, but they did. Nice work guys!
Today we had three boats out, Capt Matt and I went to the Marsh and Kenny had a last minute near shore trip(Thanks Buccaneer Park and Kent and Sues Deli). I had David and Glenn, two guys who have never been to the marsh. Capt Matt had the Yost family. We worked together trying to find that every cast bite. Flat calm and semi clean water and very cool temps. If we found bait, we found fish. Each of us fished 5 or 6 of our go to spots before we found the bite. Our magic scenario was an oyster bed in 3 to 4 foot of water full of shrimp, diving gulls and hungry trout. The boys put 75 trout in the box, letting me have a little fun and take home some trout(perks of the job). Tried to call Matt and his crew in on it, but he found a nest of trout as well. We spilt up after the trout smoke cleared and went looking for reds. Both Matts boat and mine found reds, but mostly rats. We only boxed 1 and 1 bonus flounder, pretty sure Matts crew did better. Capt Matt and I did get our crews on a triple tail, catching 1 each. Was not expecting to see them after that little cold snap. We used popping corks for all the trout, with clear and chartreuse or just plain clear getting most of the strikes.
Saw Capt Kenny at the skinning shed, he was all grins as usual. He had been back long before us. He only had one person, Mr Jerome, for a near shore trip on the reefs and bridges. Did not take long for those two to get 41 white trout and 7 puppy drum. They also went 2 for 5 on the big sea monster black drum. He said one of the ones Mr Jerome caught was over 45 feakin pounds! While Matt an I were cleaning fish, Kenny was replacing reels on his rods. Seems the black drum fried the bearings on two of his Non-Okuma reels. All in all a great day on the water both near and far. Hope the wind is kind to us in the coming days. Also, we now have 1 boat open for Saturday, extended forecast says it is going to be nice. Call or email if you want to get in on the great Spring fishing. First come, first serve...
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