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Capt Matt 4-27-12 Report

I am going to keep this short because the dock shots attached speak for themselves. The winds and dirty water conditions we have been dealing with have made our task tough to say the least. But with all four Shore Thing guides on the water all week, working together to zero in on the fish, the fish have been hitting the dock in great numbers. I had Don and Joey a couple of days ago. It took a little time to locate them, but when we did it didn't take long to get them. All fish were caught on plastics. We had there two man limit no problem and then struck out on the reds. I usually have no problem in that department. I don't know if it is the dirty water or low water in the mornings, but what ever it has been difficult to find a good red bite. We had 50 speckled trout and a few white trout. Yesterday I had David and Glen. They were on their final day of their Shore Thing tour of duty. Capt. Sonny and Capt. Kyle left me some big shoes to fill. We set out and found some stuff that looked really promising. Birds crashing and shrimp popping, but nothing but galftop and small trout. So we ventured to another spot. Those same birds helped Capt. Kenny and Capt. Kyle combined box 175 trout. The difference was I fished the ones in about 3ft of water and they were on the same birds same spot just in 6ft of water. Should have stayed there!! You leave fish to find fish. We ended up getting on a good bite and had their two man limit in a little under an hour once we found them. By 9 o'clock we were off looking for reds. These guys really wanted to look for reds. The first stop, first cast they doubled up on reds, and I thought it was on, but only found one more. We ended the day with 50 trout a couple white trout and 3 reds. Great bunch of guys the last couple of days! Guys I have a couple of days open next week, I am on some good trout bites, get'em while its hot. Give me a call 228-493-9743.

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