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Capt. Matt 4-28-12

I wish I had a charter today, it is a little breezy, but the bite has been hot! You know the saying, "get'em while the getting is good." Its alright though I get to spend sometime with my wife, son, and my nephew for his 8th birthday. Yesterday I had Amber and Garret. These two love birds from Vicksburg were looking for some fishing and fun for their weekend getaway. The morning started in dramatic fashion. We hit "Beiber Bar"(inside joke) and it was all we needed. From the minute we set the anchor to the time we picked it up, it was non-stop action. I really don't think these guys were expecting this kind of action. Amber giggled the entire time. She had a monster fish grab hold of her trout and made the drag scream, my first thought was shark, but what ever it was let go. The speckled trout came back to the boat dead not a mark on it. Dolphin usually leave thick teeth marks and sharks leave a head, maybe cobia or tarpon? The bite shut down, but all it took were a little brains from the captain and within minutes it was on again. I threw out about 20 live shrimp behind the boat and the trout were surfacing like tuna to get that tasty treat. Just minutes later we capped off the limit, and the anchor was pulled at 7:30, and I hadn't reeled one fish to the boat. The rest of the day we spent red fishing. For the time and the bait we didn't have to much luck, but we did manage to box a few. I even found a new wash out in the marsh today, its solid shell and looks good for future fishing. We lost two doormats trying to drag them over those shells. It was a great day for a great crew! 50 speckled trout, 5 reds(released another 2) and 1 fat flounder. Everyone has their favorite baits, mine are the Hybrid 3" Flurry or the Marsh Works 3" Bayou Thumper, but you can't beat a H&H Cochahoe. We caught 50 trout, not to mention the ones we missed, on a total of three plastics, thats TUFF! Give me a call 228-493-9743

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