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It has been a few days since I kicked up a post. I have been waiting for some of the gun smoke to clear so my words maybe seen!LOL! I can assure you the Shore Thing Crew has been busy. Capt. Kyle and I both took yesterday off, but everyone has been at it all week. When the wind doesn't blow and hinder what we are doing, the fishing has been unbelievable. Wednesday I was supposed to have J.C., Mike, and a special guest, said J.C. I was hoping for Mila Kunis, but it was just Bill, not nearly as special as Mila! J.C. had some family business to tend to, which I hope turns out ok, so it was Bill, Mike, and I for a day of fishing. A day of fishing that did not go as planned. We hit the spot and went straight to catching. Not the size I had left the day before, but still box fish...and, that was it. The wind blew 14-18 mph the rest of the day. I made one big mistake, I left those fish to find fish, big mistake! I probably could have pounded and picked through them, but we didn't. The highlight of the day was to see Bill crank in one of the biggest reds I have seen this year. It bottomed out my 30lb scale. We ended the day with 23 trout and 1 monster bull. Today Capt. Kyle and I had the Bill Robinson party of six. We had one spot on our minds and that idea blew a way in the breeze. All us and the boys could do was peck and ease, ease and peck. My crew and I found a few fish, not huge, but good box fish. We put 40 speckled trout in the boat quick, and just as quick it quit. Capt. Kyle's crew didn't have quite as many until...we decided to make a move, then there was nothing we could do to contain Capt. Kyle's crew. Two if not three fish were coming over the sides of his boat at a time. You know how sometimes the fish are in a 5x5 area, two foot left or right you don't get hit, that was the situation. We ended the day on that note with a combined 110 speckled trout, they bested us by 6 fish, but who's keeping track. Great day, and some great stories that really can't be repeated! And by the way Capt. Kyle fell in the drink, he is going to be upset I am giving up that information, but I told him it was easier to pick the anchor up by the rope, rather then going down there and actually picking it up off the bottom. At least I prefer to use the rope! Give me a call 228-493-9743 or the Shore Thing hotline 228-342-2206.

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