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5-20-12 Capt. Matt

Saturday I had John Causey. It was the first of a two day fishing trip for John. Unfortunately for Capt. Sonny he had to follow me up on the second day, after John and I put on a clinic. John and I had the limit of trout and red fish in the boat by 8 o'clock, and even had a bonus flounder in the boat. We just kept on catching and releasing red fish and caught close to a three man limit. I am one of the only people I know that will flip a 6-8lb red into the boat, but John was right there with me. John really has his fishing skills dialed in. He was a pleasure to fish with, and we hope to keep him coming with us. I had a last minute cancellation for today's trip. Since my brother Evan and his son Rubin were in town for my sisters wedding, congratulations to her and her's, we decided to wet a line. He lives in NC, so needless to say, but we don't see each other often, and he doesn't get to fish much, so this was going to be fun. We set out with a few live shrimp, and a Glen Bohne, who was my anchor man for the day. We went straight to whacking and stacking WTs. It was my nephew Gabriel who boxed the first couple. After boxing about 20-30 WTs, we decided to go piling hopping. It didn't take us to long to hook up on a couple nice black drum. Then we ended the day hunting down triple tail. We caught caught three and keeping only 2 for the boys to take home. Seeing I don't see my brother and nephew but once a year, we could have caught nothing and been a great day. We all got to reel in a few WTs, black drum, and triple tail. I even put Glen on his first triple tail ever. We all had a great time and Evan and Rubin had some filets to bring home to momma. Give me a call 228-493-9743 or the Sho'Thing hotline 228-342-2206. We will all be fishing tomorrow so the reports should keep flowing!

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