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5-20-12 Report(3 days and 10 fishing trips)

3 days and 10 fishing trips later between the Shore Thing Fleet, weather has been fair and fishing has been great! There will be plenty of pictures up on the Shore Thing Charters site(fishing reports) to go with report, but just too many to post them all, check it out and you will see what I mean. On with the reports... Where to start, Friday got to work a double t

rip and the other boats ran singles. I h

ad the world famous JEM crew enjoying another corporate trip. Jimmy Don and Dave were on board for some school trout whacking. Fished birds and shell points with live bait on the popping corks and carolina rigs to do most of the damage. Worked next to Capt Kenny in the early morning for an every cast bite. Did have a bunch of throw backs but we stayed busy. Got a call from my buddies with the Ponce De Leon Fishing Team and it was the best bite of big trout we found all morning, thanks Casey and Sally. Did not get a limit, but seldom do we with Jimmy, he gets what he needs and gets more the next time. Did finally get Jimmy his first triple tail, it was a long time coming. He usually lets his guests get those, but they made him catch this one. Only kept 47 trout for the 3 man crew and 1 triple tail. Did get to watch Dave remove a hook from Don with the string technique, pretty neat stuff. Back at the skinning shed, the boys all rolled in with full boats. Matt and Kyle had well over 100 trout for their two boat trip with the Robinson crew by way of Jackson. Capt Kenny had the Wheeles crew(2 people). They got their 50 trout and saw a ton of triple tail. The happy couple went 3 for 9 on good sized triple tail. The sea gulls have been very fat the last few days off the dock... Headed back out that afternoon with David Bassett and his son Major Chris, US Army. Nice and calm all afternoon, but did not see one triple tail. Did go back to the LA Marsh for a few short hours. Was able to get the boys on some trout and flounder for chow later that night. Did not even break 20 trout but we had fun on the short trip. Got a couple of hours sleep and headed back out with all the boats for Saturday morning. Had three generations of Williams, back again for their second trip this year. Brag, Andrew, Henry and Gibby were in it to win it for this trip. Andrew just wanted the boys to feel the pull on a few fish. Set up on a shell key in 3 foot of water and got the little guys in trout feeding frenzy. Grampaw and Dad would hook the fish and let the boys take turns on reeling them in. Could have put the absolute smack down on some big numbers of good fish, but it was not about that. This day was about the boys, and we made it work great. Even pulled a double on black drum, one was well over 25lbs! Wind and seas picked up, even had a water spout come down near us. Andrew gave me the, "anywhere but here capt" and we pointed the boat north. We could hear Captains Matt, Kyle and Kennys crew slaughtering the big trout on the radio all morning long. Sounded like Capt Matt and Capt Kenny put it on the redfish in the marsh later in the day. That's the beauty of having all of our boats out, they can help each other to put customers on fish. Still very proud of the elders for not making this day about the ziplocs, but about the young anglers. I know they heard loud and clear what was being said on the radio. They were happy if the boys were happy. Saw all three boats back at the cleaning tables in Shiyou Caddy and mother of pearl did they catch some nice fish, in big numbers. Days are running together, but that is why we take pictures. Capt Kyles boat was the only Shore Thing boat to get a triple tail, nice work Kyle. Even had the great Capt Mike Thompson(Shore Thing Charters Founder) grace us with his presence. He was out with his son Mitch and his buddy Chris Schimdt and his son Will. They had over 60 big trout for the young guns on their fun day. You can take the Captain out of the marsh, but you can't take the marsh out of the Captain I guess... All the boats back out again today, and we had a very small window to get it done. Only got about an hour an a half of nice weather before the wind got to howling. The boys worked together and got on fish as fast as possible. I had John Causey, party of one. He fished with Capt Matt on Saturday and caught his limit of trout and reds with ease. He and I found some huge trout, first thing. Used live shrimp on the carolina rigs to get them until the wind messed us all up. Water got dirty, rough and the anchor began to pull off of the oyster beds we were fishing. Got him 17 fat ones before we went looking for his reds. Matt told me this guy could fish, and he did not lie. John was deadly with a bait caster and was able to pick off 2 reds sight fishing in the wind. He wanted to get on the road early and we thought it was going to be a slow steam home. Actually laid down as we were heading in, when we saw our first triple tail. He pushed his departure time back another hour and we saw 5 more. Only got 2 to bite a live shrimp. One of the two was a bit too small so we tagged and released it. Matt was on the water with his brother Evan, buddy Glen, and two nephews. He stayed in close for a fun trip catching drum and white trout. When the weather layed down, he was in triple tail heaven. Sounded like they saw 9 or 10 but only caught a few of them. Capt Kenny rolled back in with the blue ribbon for the Landry crew from Jackson. From the looks of the picture, it seems they either got a 3 man LA limit or were darn close. I know he went 4 for 4 on triple tail, well done sir! Wanted to thank Sid Leblanc, Steve Trellis, Danielle, and Ronnie at the Boat House in Lakeshore, MS for staying late to service mine and Capt Matt's boats last week. We were both overdue for our scheduled oil, filter, and lube jobs on the yamahas. These are the people that keep us working everyday and they are the best at what they do. These people are the reason our boats are able to work day in and day out, Thanks guys/gals. Shore Thing Fishing Charters has teamed up with the Bay Waveland Yacht Club for a first time ever YOUNG ANGLERS FISHING SCHOOL. It will be held on the grounds of the BWYC and taught by professional fishing guides from the area, as well as Venice, LA. Assistance in the Fish ID and Biology sections will be taught by members of the Gulf Coast Research Lab. Classes will run every Monday in June and July(no class on JULY 2nd). There will be two week sessions. The first Monday will be classroom teaching: BASIC rigging technique safety boat knowledge simple repair equipment use casting fish ID first aid navigation boating and fishing etiquette etc... The second Monday(weather permitting) will be a professionally guided fishing trip in an around the Bay of St Louis with licensed and experienced Charter Boat Captains. We will apply the classroom lessons on the water, and have fun doing it while we are fishing! We will try and pair similar ages and or experience levels together as best we can. Ages 8 an up please. For More information on pricing, availability for the YOUNG ANGLERS FISHING SCHOOL please contact: George Constance 228-467-4592 or email managerbwyc@att.net ****SHORE THING Fishing Charters**** Check us out on You Tube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdJjkK7ldsk&context=C497653dADvjVQa1PpcFOwoDwX2vSzY4P5FRg4Nz-_nX2fhO9IImg= With four boats available, small and large groups are welcome. Anglers under the age of 13 fish for free! We supply rods reels, tackle, snacks, drinks, ice, fuel, bait and fun. No charge for fish cleaning and bagging. Be sure and ask about our all inclusive overnight fishing packages to the Cat Island House!!! For your next fishing trip, give us a call or check us out on line. www.shorethingcharters.com or 228-342-2206

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