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Capt. Matt Report 5-23-12

If you are looking to buy any stocks, Glad Freezer bags may be a wise investment. Their stock has to be going through the roof with the amount of bags we are filling everyday, not to mention the fish hitting everyone's coolers. The reports have been great from Shore Thing Charters and hopefully a lot more reports to come. All four boats are jam packed with trips, and hopefully can fill the last few remaining dates through the end of June...or maybe not, I know Capt. Kenny said he was beat. He can take it though, he's not quite over the hill...yet!! These morning gusty winds the last few mornings have not made it easy, but Brin and Ed didn't let that slow our fishing down. We left the dock in an 8mph wind and got to the marsh in a 15-25mph wind. Needless to say my plans changed dramatically, and they could not have worked out any more perfect. The bite was slow and steady and very nice fish, with many hitting the 2lb mark. Ed was really itching to break out his fly rod to try and snag a yellow mouth, but with the wind it would have to wait until later. After putting together a great box of trout we went searching for a red for Ed. Ed is from the North West part of the country, so he has never experienced anything like the marsh. He looked like Capt. Sonny at a Justin Beiber concert!!! The way the wind was blowing the water was murky making it almost impossible to sight fish. With that said, Ed did get a shot at about a 15lb fish and pulled the hook. He did however hook a 160lb Capt. Matt in the cheek, but no harm no foul, we got it out, and plus I had put one in my own finger that morning, past the barbs mind you. Neither one were as bad as the time I took the 1/4oz jig head through my septum, but that's a story for another day. Brin and Ed had a great time boxing 45 speckled trout, 1 red, and 1 triple tail. Today I had Al and Paul for a day of what we hoped would be a stellar day on the water. We started out using the live shrimp I acquired from Bordages Bait shop in Bayou Caddy. These two had the shrimp on and casting before the engine was off. My hand wasn't even off the key yet, and they each had a good solid fish on and in the boat. I can't say it went like that all morning. We did had to adjust the boat about five times to stay with them. By 9 o'clock that bite shut off like a light switch, two shy of Al and Paul's limit. Al had been itching all day to throw plastics, so we went to a spot hoping to find reds. But all we found were speckled trout, and some of the prettiest trout we had put in the box all day. Nothing special about the spot, just a good shell bank I frequent for reds. I was glad we found a plastic bite to give Al his fix. We ended the day not finding any red fish, but 68 trout and 1 triple tail, I even got to take a few filets home to fry for my fish lovin son. Give us a call at 228-342-2206 or my cell 228-493-97


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