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Capt. Matt 5-27-12 Memorial Day Blow Out

This has been a busy Memorial Day Weekend. I hope everyone stayed safe and had fun with their family and friends. I know all the family and friend groups we to fishing left with smiles and plenty of filets. All four of the Shore Thing boats have been hard at work. With the exception of one day I think all the boats hit the docks with their limit or just a few short. Not many reds have been showing up at the cleaning tables, but with the trout bite as good as it is, we have yet to see any long faces. Last Thursday I had one half of the Larry Konscol crew, Capt. Sonny had the other half. I had Charlotte, Larry's wife, and Pat and Babe who were in from out of town. Pat and Babe have never had the chance to fish in our area, so if you could only imagine the excitement. The day started of on fire, putting three trout about 2-3lbs a piece in the boat. That was on the first cast, want to know what we got on the second? Nothing, not on the second or third or tenth. Needless to say, but we didn't make to many cast after that. The hunt was on and the wind picking up. And due to the elements, the rest of the day went similar. We found great fish, good fat speckled trout, just could not get on a consistent bite. I did find a few reds for Pat and Babe to hook up on. Babe caught the two bruisers of the bunch. My half of the crew did great considering the conditions boxing 24 speckled trout, 4 reds, and 1 sheepshead. Friday I had the Tatum dad and son deadly duo. Thinking we were going to have another windy day, hiding in the grass was in one of my plans. A lot of you may know it only takes one spot, and if this wasn't proof. We hit six spots and it was pushing 10 o'clock before hitting the the right spot. We were pulling off the spot with our limit of fat trout at 10:46. That's gettin it! Great trip Tatum's! We hit the dock with 50 speckled trout and a couple of sheepshead. The last two days Capt. Kenny and I had the David Clepper crew. David has been a customer of mine from day one. He was on my worst charter ever, one bull red, and I caught it. I did however call him before the trip, to cancel because of a front bringing 80% chance of rain and 45 degree temp. Did I mention it was right before Christmas. Anyway we had a great two days of fishing with David, Heath, Zach, Andrew, and Mike. It was an epically stellar performance by both boats! We had 175 trout for the two days and I do know that some reds were seen, but only one were caught. David "Jose'" Clepper always brings a great group of guys and am looking forward to our next venture this fall. If you are looking to get on the boat this summer, give us a call, off hand we only have three spots open for the entire month of June. That is out of four boats everyday, so start looking at July. Call me at 228-493-9743.

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