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5-31-12 Report

From zero to hero on Wednesday, and a great day on Thursday. Been trying to get a read on this weather, but just been hoping for the best and trying to plan for the worst. Had Grace and John back for day two on Wednesday. They wanted to check out Cat Island and maybe do a bit of kayak fishing. Well.... we made it to the island, but really should never have the dock. It was rough and just got rougher. Did fish for a bit(out da boat), and caught a bluefish, a hardtail, and completed the trash can slam with a ladyfish. Ducked into the Cat Island House for some of The Mayors(Mr Walters) world famous coffee and waited for the wind to die down. I was already planning the rest of my day, and how much money I was going to discount for the canceled trip. Grace and John asked if we could go back to the Bay and try for some more triple tail. We did have a live well full of shrimp, and nuthin but time. Trailered from Pass Christian back to BSL in no time and not one shrimp perished, from that at least. We got "some what" calm seas for the well seasoned crew and went to town on the triple tail. Both of them were seeing the fish before me, and making perfect casts into a 15mph head wind. Lost count and ran out of tags and we did not keep any fish. Not sure of the numbers but I can tell you I have never seen that many in a day. We did tag a fat 25 incher that easily would have gone over 15lbs! None of this would have been possible without those two shear will to get back on the water. I had wanted to throw in the soaking wet towel, but they would not let me. Thanks Team Watts. Today was different story, in a good way. Had an old buddy of mine, Tommy Rutherford and his pal Bubba along for the ride. Left early with live wells full of shrimp and pogies. Nice and calm for the better part of the morning in the LA Marsh. Got on the big trout right away using the diving birds and jumping shrimp over the shell bottoms. Did not seem to matter what we threw. I was throwing top water and soft plastic. The boys were chuncking live shrimp or pogies, either under the cork or the carolina rig. Trout were smashing schools of mullet and jumbo shrimp right next to the boat. Did catch some rats, slots and bull reds in the mix as well. Drifted one little bay in hopes of getting them some flounder. Caught three in less than a half an hour with the live bait slow bumped on the bottom. The storms and the hopes of getting some triple tail sent us heading for home. Saw a few on the way in an am happy to report Tommy and Bubba both caught their first ever triple tails. Storms had a bit to much electricity in them, and we called it day. Hit the skinning shed at Shiyou Caddy with 37 big trout, 2 red fish, 3 flounder, 4 triple tail and of course a ground mullet. Finally got to try out my new Okuma V an all I can say is, you get what you pay for. Smooth as silk, strong as an ox and worth every freaking penny ****SHORE THING Fishing Charters**** Check us out on You Tube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdJjkK7ldsk&context=C497653dADvjVQa1PpcFOwoDwX2vSzY4P5FRg4Nz-_nX2fhO9IImg= With four boats available, small and large groups are welcome. Anglers under the age of 13 fish for free! We supply rods reels, tackle, snacks, drinks, ice, fuel, bait and fun. No charge for fish cleaning and bagging. Be sure and ask about our all inclusive overnight fishing packages to the Cat Island House!!! For your next fishing trip, give us a call or check us out on line. www.shorethingcharters.com or 228-342-2206

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