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Monthly Archives: May 2012

5-4-12 Report

Flat calm and the fish were hungry today. Had all four of the boats out for one of the better days of big trout fishing we have seen this year. I was the last one to leave the LA Marsh today, but all three of the other Shore Thing boats were riding low. Seems all...
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5-3-12 Fishing and Report and FISHING SCHOOL FOR KIDS INFO!!!

Wind and rain kept many of the trips on the docks in the last two days. Capt Matt waited till this afternoon to try and salvage a near shore trip. We prepared for a little wind a rain, but not for the monsoon. Luckily Capt Kenny with the Dean crew(Scott, Nan and Clair) joined us...
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4-30-12 Report Capt Sonny

Fun, easy day fishing Monday. All 4 of the Shore Thing boats were out, and all found plenty of fish(specks, reds, triple tail, sharks and flounder). I had an old buddy join me. Good friend and old deck hand Capt Harry Crosby Jr came to fish the skinny water. Harry was my first deck hand...
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