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Capt. Matt 7-1-12

Charlie, this ones for you, I know you have been missing my reports...and plus there is something you may be able to relate to, like a red fish bite at a certain spot! I finally made it back on the water after week long monsoon, another week of 20-26mph winds, and Tropical Storm whats her name. We all had to cancel multiple trips which is never any fun for us or the folks who didn't get to go, but we were able to get a few of those rescheduled. Hopefully the weather will hold out and we can get those guys on the water. Wednesday I had Don and Teresa. We set out looking for that magic bite as always. Only to find some tough fishing, I thought, but to some one like Teresa who has never been saltwater fishing it was a trip to remember. We had to have caught 100 speckled trout, but most were just babies, which is very good to see. The birds were plentiful but most flocks were just small trout. We even had two sharks come to the party. I think the highlight for Teresa were the reds. We caught 10, some small, some big, and some slots, we only kept four, but it was well worth the stop. At that point it was blowing 23mph, so we decided to make the long slow trek back to the dock. We ended with 25 trout, 4 reds(more released) and two flounder. Thursday I had J.C. and Mr. Bishop for the fourth or fifth trip this year. They labelled the day Hawaiian shirt day. And of course they brought a nice one for me to wear for the day. I can not say we slayed them but we caught some solid trout all caught on Marsh Works Bayou Thumpers or live shrimp. Most were caught on the plastics just cranked barely off the bottom. We hooked a shark and Mr. Bishop battled a jack crevalle for about 20 min. before breaking him off at the boat. Always a great day with these boys, sometimes I do have to keep J.C. focused on the task at hand, fishing! We ended it with 30 trout and 2 flounder. Capt. Sonny touched on our Friday Doug Minor trip. The highlight of the day for us was definitely the last minute red bite. It is not the last time I pulled off a Hail Mary on the last spot of the day. After struggling most of the day to get on a good bite we found the spot. We put 16 reds in the boat in probably under 45 min., Charlie I will give you one guess, just keep your answer to yourself, we don't need to give that spot up. Saturday, I had "Mudcat" and the boys, and all I can say is sorry boys, that I think is the worst day I have ever had on a charter. Wasn't the company we laughed, cracked jokes, and had a great time. It was the fishing, but it wasn't from a lack of trying. We tried everything, corks with shrimp or plastics, spinner baits, bottom rigs, plastics cranked, moving water, points, broken grass, mud lumps, deep water, shallow water, grass beds, shell beds. Just couldn't get it done. And talk about night and day, today I had John, Nikki, Ashlyn, and Ricky. I took a gamble, and really didn't feel to confident because of the day before, and my crew was all in. With the way the winds were blowing the plan had to change, which turned out to be the right move. We did have to fight off the hard-heads and stingrays, but the trout were there though scattered. After putting a few good speckled trout in the box the bite faded and we had to move. The move is what capped our day off. We immediately went to whacking and stacking until we put 76 speckled trout in the boat and melted all the ice. Out of about 100lbs of ice we had 10 left, that's how quick those fish hit the box. Great day guys. Give us a call 228-493-9743 or the business line 228-342-2206

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