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Capt. Matt 7-9-12

I love this time of year, you never know what to expect. The T-Heads usually are in full force and the fish tend to change their pattern ever so slightly. The beginning of my last week started out with 76 trout and quickly went to 6 a day later. In our defense the wind was howling at 19-23 out of the NW. My crew and I worked hard for the fish we caught and just struggled to find anything consistent. The next few days went a little better. I had Kristi Beeson, her husband, and the Pappa of the group, Mr. Buddy. We set out with a boat full of live bait, shrimp, mullet, and pogeys. The wind was at a nice clip, which did make it difficult to fish the spot. In the 2ft chop we soaked some baits and cranked in some beautiful trout, lady fish, sharks, and two big bulls. This crew had a great time and stayed in fish all day, everything wasn't a keeper, but the fish were coming over the side. The Okuma drag systems prove to hold up to that cornucopia of fish. We ended the day with 32 trout and 4 reds. Wed. and Thurs I had Mike and Don. These two guys love to fish our area. Mike drives from north Georgia and Don moved here from Missouri. The fishing started out hot getting 20 trout at the first stop, and the rest of the day was picking up one here and there. We ended Wed. with 36 trout, 2 reds, and 1 giant flat fish. Thursday we had high hopes, but could never get a bite going. After putting just 20 trout in the boat, we hit the mother load. I brought us to one of my red fish spots I keep in my back pocket. I keep it a secret, even from my fellow captains. Let me put it this way...It was 10:07 when we were on our way there, we got there, I had to idle 200yds, got on the trolling motor for 100yds, put the power pole down, told them to cast to that point, and we were hooked up running to the dock at 11:05 after catching 19 reds. It was insane, Don couldn't even count to four before getting hit. We kept 20 trout, 15 reds and released another 4. Great day! I will be seeing Don for another two days at the end of the month and Mike will be back in October for the flounder bite. Last Friday we had the Blaise Ernst Crew. To many to name, but we had two boats worth. Capt. Kenny and I were on this one. Our intentions were to keep the kids busy catching fish, but we were greeted with a stout north wind and some 2-3ft rollers by time we got to the ship channel. We both agreed we should turn around and fish in MS. It turned out to be a great day. The reefs and the bridge proved to be some very fertile fishing grounds. We stayed in fish all day, white trout, sheepshead, black drum, rat reds, triple tail, and capped it off with speckled trout. Capt. Kenny and I kinda pulled this one out of our butts! We ended it with 36 white trout, 20 black drum, 2 triple tail, two sheepshead, and 40 fine speckled trout and were back cleaning fish by noon. Saturday I had Raymond, Matt, Richard, and Richard. With lightening cracking I decided to start out close to home, which proved to pay off because we didn't find to much in the marsh. We didn't catch many, but we found some nice trout. We only had 26 trout, but they filled up two gallon bags I could barely close. We even found 6 reds and a flounder to close out the day. ...and finally yesterday I got up early and met Capt. Kenny at the dock to pull the live bait trawl as he and I have been doing all week. At about 4:30 I got a call from my crew who were stuck in Covington in a massive T-Storm. They were questioning what the rest of the day was going to bring, so we cancelled, and couldn't blame them. But I went anyway on what was the best day of the week. Capt. Kenny and I were talking about a few spots neither of us had tried. We both set out in that direction. Kenny and his crew immediately went to slinging them over the side, me not so much. It took me three moves before I landed on them. The first six came slow, but the next 19 came in fast. The first six were in the cooler when the next one came over the side and that one was still flopping on the deck when the last one came over the side. I had called Capt. Kenny over in the middle of the bite. By time he made it there I was done and cleaned up, I gave him the rest of the bait and my anchor so he could get right where I was. He capped his box off right there with 65 trout and was back at the dock by 10:00. I was back with my boat out of the water and eating breakfast at Kent and Sue's by 8:30. The finest inshore fishing on the entire MS Gulf Coast. Specializing in speckled trout, red fish, flounder, triple tail, black drum and more! We fish the Louisiana Marsh, the Mississippi Barrier Islands and many other areas. Our full time fishing guides are extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. With four boats available, small and large groups are welcome. Anglers under the age of 13 fish for free! All of our boats and guides are licensed to fish in Mississippi and Louisiana. We supply rods reels, tackle, snacks, drinks, ice, fuel, bait and fun. No charge for fish cleaning and bagging. Be sure and ask about our all inclusive overnight fishing packages to the Cat Island House!!! For your next fishing trip, give us a call or check us out on line. www.shorethingcharters.com or 228-342-2206 or my cell 228-493-9743.

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