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7-11-12 Report Capt Sonny

Weather has kept us on our toes and the fish hungry. Ran a double Monday with the crew from Guice Offshore, one of our favorite corporate customers. We were supposed to have an afternoon charter, but Nathan could not wait that long. We skirted across to the LA Marsh in glass calm seas for a quick morning trip. Don't get me wrong, we had rain and water spouts on the horizon all morning. Since the weather was coming from SW to NE we had a great emergency exit. All of our boats were in radio contact keeping tabs on the storms. Got set up on one shell bottom and the trout were everywhere. We caught them on top water, popping corks and of course live bait. Nathan just kept baiting rods and seeing how many he could have on the line at one time! One water spout got a wee bit too close as his 25th trout went into the box. Tucked tail and ran. I could hear Captains Kyle and Kenny skull dragging trout on the VHF down the way. Actually ran across 2 triple tail on our escape(missed both). We got back to the dock a bit after 9 and goofed off with the other crews for a bit. Our other crew(Billy and Leigh) were not expected till after 12. Nathan took me to an early lunch, slimy stinky fish clothes and all at 200 North Beach(fine dinning) Headed back out after lunch, only to be met with much more thunder storms. Stayed in close and fished the reefs. Did box 18 big trout in choppy water on live minnows. Wind layed down enough to make a stab at triple tail fishing. This crew has been with me enough, they know the routine. Did not have to look hard as two of the 9 triple tail we saw were breaking the surface. A first for me, was watching one free jump! Kept 5 and tagged two, one of which already had a tag, another first for me. Got back at sunset, and was not going to stop my buddy Nathan from helping me clean fish. Tuesday we had Dr Jim Franks from the Gulf Coast Research Lab back again for some triple tail sampling. Dr Jim was joined by his colleague Sarah from the GCRL, and Hu from LSU. I called in a favor to a triple tail contract killer, Chris Gouras from Panacea Florida. Chris is hands down the most deadly triple fisherman I have ever fished with, and we needed his help. Thought it was going to be a massacre, but only got to fish about an hour an a half. Mother nature sent a whopper of a storm that there was no getting around. While we were running in from the weather, Chris spotted one that none of us saw. One cast, one kill for the hired gun. Chris uses a fixed texas rig jigging technique that he has perfected, it is like cheating having him on the boat. Capt Kyles crew had caught 3 nice triple tail, in addition to a pile of big trout from the early morning. Proud to say that one of Capt Kyles crews fish was the mature male that the GCRL crew were looking for. They were able to gather much needed samples from the female fish as well. Many thanks to Chris, Kyle and the GCRL, I get by with a little help from my friends.... ****SHORE THING Fishing Charters**** The finest inshore fishing on the entire MS Gulf Coast. Specializing in speckled trout, red fish, flounder, triple tail, black drum and more! We fish the Louisiana Marsh, the Mississippi Barrier Islands and many other areas. Our full time fishing guides are extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. With four boats available, small and large groups are welcome. Anglers under the age of 13 fish for free! All of our boats and guides are licensed to fish in Mississippi and Louisiana. We supply rods reels, tackle, snacks, drinks, ice, fuel, bait and fun. No charge for fish cleaning and bagging. Be sure and ask about our all inclusive overnight fishing packages to the Cat Island House!!! For your next fishing trip, give us a call or check us out on line. www.shorethingcharters.com or 228-342-2206 Check us out on You Tube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdJjkK7ldsk&context=C497653dADvjVQa1PpcFOwoDwX2vSzY4P5FRg4Nz-_nX2fhO9IImg=

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