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7-25-12 Report(many pictures)

Monday had the three person Lemoine Group in from Madison, MS. Nice in the AM, but weather went to doo doo as the day went on. Wind and waves picked up, shutting our trout bite down. Did get a few really nice fish, but a very few. Saw and hooked one big triple tail, but somehow the fish spit the hook. Great bunch of guys, but slow fishing in the dirty rough water. Capt Matt had a decent box of trout, reds, pompano, and flounder.Capt Kenny rolled back into the dock with about 40 trout and some reds for the Sandy/Lynn 2 boat trip he and Capt Kyle were on. Kyle some how managed to nab 3 triple tail and some trout in dirty rough water. Hats off to yall boys. Tuesday my boat doctor/mechanic/buddy Sid Leblanc at the BoatHouse ordered me to get a new water pump. Per the doctors request I jumped in anothers boat for the day. We took Dr Jim Huertins Scout. His wife Ardie, and 2 grandsons William and Killian were the guests of honor.That boat is coool, literally. It does not have a T-top, more of a roof. Doc wanted to get a few trout for the cause and a big shark for the boys. Was able to land a few a good fish in the morning next to Capt Kenny and Capt Matt. We kept a few ladyfish and spanish mackerel for chum/bait. Took a little while, but hooked a mega-black tip that William fought like a champ. Got that sucker, one of the biggest I have seen up close in a long time. Thinking we could look for triple tail, we struck out in flat calm, pretty green water? Had one trout spot between us and Docs house, so we gave it a once over. Before the anchor could grab, we had trout flying over the side. Every single cast for 30 minutes yeilded a drag yanker. Mrs Ardie an I passed out live shrimp and unhooked lunker trout to keep the boys in the action. When the smoke cleared, we had 58 in the box and left em bitting(doctors orders). Sounded like Capt Matt and Capt Kenny made a good go of it. I only chatted with them briefly, but they both had trout and reds on one of the prettier days we have fished in a while.Wednesday had my favorite knuckle heads on the boat for some fun in the sun. Chris, Owen and Charlie wanted to go shark fishing before they have to go back to St Stanislaus in a few weeks. Lil bumpy in the morning, but we made it to Cat Island, via Pass Christian Harbor. Spent most of the morning throwing the cast net for bait, and chumming. Did get to see several big black tips just off the beach. Did sight cast and hook one monster, only to have it come loose. Set up in the deeper water and started chumming. Chris got to the rod first and we were able to put the big shark in the boat in about 15 minutes. By then the water slicked out, and the boys wanted to try their hand at trout. Rolled back to the shell bottoms with some live shrimp and were back on them again. Missed a bunch of fish, but did get 24 big trout in a matter of minutes. Caught a huge puffer fish in the middle of our trout spree. Those little rascals have some chompers, it bit a 2/0 khale hook in half! Ran out of shrimp(it was a shark trip), left em bitting, and headed home.****SHORE THING Fishing Charters**** The finest inshore fishing on the entire MS Gulf Coast. Specializing in speckled trout, red fish, flounder, triple tail, black drum and more! We fish the Louisiana Marsh, the Mississippi Barrier Islands and many other areas. Our full time fishing guides are extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. With four boats available, small and large groups are welcome. Anglers under the age of 13 fish for free! All of our boats and guides are licensed to fish in Mississippi and Louisiana. We supply rods reels, tackle, snacks, drinks, ice, fuel, bait and fun. No charge for fish cleaning and bagging. Be sure and ask about our all inclusive overnight fishing packages to the Cat Island House!!! For your next fishing trip, give us a call or check us out on line. www.shorethingcharters.com or 228-342-2206Check us out on You Tube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdJjkK7ldsk&context=C497653dADvjVQa1PpcFOwoDwX2vSzY4P5FRg4Nz-_nX2fhO9IImg=

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