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9-23-12 Report(big one)

Have run plenty of trips since Thursday, some to the marsh, some to Cat Island, a few to the sharking grounds, and some to the reefs near shore. All trips have been just as good as the incredible weather we have had. Gonna try and tell the story as best I can, here we go...

Thursday was the dynamic duo of Kenny Monti and Charles Oliver, both card carrying Bay Rats. Was a last minute booking to the LA Marsh for my two old buddies. Planed to check out the east side but went west into the 9-Mile area. Found muddy water most places, and little bait. Took Kennys advice to drift one bank we had seen a few terns diving on and yanked two nice reds off of it. Unless you count the hard heads, and small trout it was a slow morning. Logged many miles, but found some trout for the boys at the last stop of the day. Fished the mouth of one lagoon that was emptying water into a canal for a quick trout bite. Used soft plastics under the popping corks to get 25 trout in the box in a few minutes before it shut off. Ended our 71 mile adventure with a decent box with two very entertaining old friends.

Friday we had three boats out, Captains Matt and Kenny were in the LA Marsh. I would eventually make it there by way of Long Beach and Cat Island. Had the pleasure of fishing with the Mayor of Cat Island, Walter Gaudin his son Dano and grandson Baylor. Baylor called the shots, he wanted some redfish and sharks. We had falling water most of the trip and it helped. One of the banks of broken marsh we worked had slot reds feeding half way out of the water. Played it safe and fished shrimp tipped soft plastics under the corks. Caught 4 slots and 2 bull reds before Baylor called for a move. Tried to drift one oyster reef for trout. Got a decent sized black drum that young Baylor did not stop talking about the rest of the day. Before we left the marsh, we ran into Capt Kenny with the Richardson crew. Ed and Butch were there compliments of Butchs wife birthday gift to him. In the middle of trout bite Butch placed a treble hook into the ear of his buddy Eds ear. Kenny stopped by for some medical advice and I broke out the Lido-cane needle. Ed declined, said it would be fine and they went back to work. Even with the involuntary ear ring, the boys got a limit of trout and two reds. Ed got the hook out at the Urgent Care before Kenny was done cleaning fish. Sounded like Capt Matt put a hurting on the trout and reds too.

We left the boys and took Baylor shark fishing. We had few mullet I cast netted on the way out. Took all of 30 minutes to get three huge black tips in the boat, they were hungry! Dano did most of the work, and was wore slap out. Back at the Cat Island House, Dr Don Gaddy had a crew of his fly fishing pals cooking up a storm. We spent the evening cleaning fish, telling stories and eating till we could not move.

Up early Saturday morning with Walter, Dano, Baylor and guest fisherman Dr Don Gaddy. Trout was on the menu, but would be hard to come by(at least for our boat). We could hear Capt Matt and Capt Kenny on the radio putting on a skull dragging way to the west. Used the high morning tide to work more shore lines of broken marsh to get Baylor on some more reds, with no complaints. We landed on a pretty good slot red bite an even got a bonus fatty flounder. The one spot we found a few trout was the mouth of a small pond with moving water. Water was very dirty there so we tipped the plastics with shrimp to get a dozen nice trout. Hit our sharking grounds again, but the timing was all wrong. Current was screaming an all we got was small silkies. Great two days out of Cat Island, even got see two bald eagles flying over the house before I headed home.

Not sure of Capt Matts numbers, but know he and Kenny were in the same spot, on the fish. Kenny was out with the Mike McElroy group. Big Mike, Lil Mikey and coach Lonnie did a number on all things swimming in the LA Marsh. Coach Lonnie is a double amputee and Kenny said he put on a clinic. The three man crew boxed 75 trout, 9 reds and 1 big flounder on steady bite in one of Kennys new favorite spots. Sounded like live bait made the day(shrimp and pogies). A hook in the head must be good luck on Kennys boat, cause it happened again(2 days in a row). Lil mikey took a topwater bait to the back of his noggin early in the morning. The crew was able to pop it out with no problem using the string trick. Kenny said they never quit fishing. Head protection may have to come standard on the 24 Sea Hunt?

Sunday myself and Capt Matt were out in two different directions. Capt Matt was in the LA Marsh with the veteran Talley crew(Phil, Kyle, Luke, and Jacob). Since the sharks seemed to have moved back in, I went looking to pick a fight. Team Knuckle Head was up to challenge. Chris Scialdone and new member Will Schmidt went with me to the deep water channels. Actually took longer to catch bait than to find the sharks. Chris got the first fish of the morning and it was a massive 125lb Bull Shark. A few minutes later Will had a ticked off 60lb black tip giving him a battle royal. Once we got both fish under control a third bruiser black tip was brought in by Chris. The whole process from first bite to last took 30 minutes. We were forced to get the sharks in with no room. Buried the sharks on ice at our dock in Bayou Caddy, iced up, grabbed some bait and went back out. Stayed in close looking for trout and drum. Saw my Bro from Gotta Geaux, Capt Tom Marzoni on his way in. He was nice enough to serve us a few trout on a silver platter. He an his crew had their limit an left em bitting. We picked up were he left off and got a dozen fat MS keeper trout before the bite shut off(you da man Capt Tom). Still wanting more, Chris and Will switched over to fishing the reefs for drum. Did not take long to have them hooked up to the hard fighting black drums. Not keeping more than they needed we only boxed a few small puppy drum and released the big ones.

Got back late, but did get to see the pile of trout, reds and flounder heads Capt Matt and his crew had cleaned at the skinning shed.

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