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11-5-12 Report(5 trips)

What a weekend, the fish Gods smiled on all of our boats...

Had three boats out Saturday, and all were forced to stay very very close to home due to the fog. After a slow motor to shore lines and structures around Bayou Caddy all the boats started catching. My old buddy Tommy Rutherford was back for another outing with his pals Bubba and Jay. We were fishing reefs and the water was a pretty green, slap full of shrimp and diving birds. The bite was about as good as it gets, every single cast. Most of the fish were well over 13 ". We did the best on tight lined soft plastics(4th of July). but popping corks and carolina rigs did some damage too. The fog prevented a safe crossing to the marsh but the bite would have been too good leave any way. Kenny was fishing close to us, catching plenty and was well on his way to an epic fish haul with Team Lorrie. Capt Matt and his crew(Bob and Jerrald) were simply working shore lines and catching trout and flounder.

As the fog began to break up, with safer visability, all the boats went in different directions. Capt Kenny was moving around on the reefs, Capt Matt went to the LA Marsh. Tommy and the boys wanted to look for flounder. All three boats found what they were looking for. Capt Matt said the water was pretty green and full of trout. We worked for it, but spent the rest of our day bumping baits off the bottom. Boxed 7 good ones and missed a few more. Even though this was supposed to be a flounder trip, the fog kept us on the reefs for a few hours. Was actually well worth it and we got 17 trout big MS trout to go with our 7 flounder.

The Mighty Capt Matt was enjoying the second half of his day in the LA Marsh. His crew missed their two man limit by just 8 fish. They finished very strong with 42 sparkle trout, 3 slot reds and 3 flounder.

Every time we spoke with Capt Kenny on the radio, he just said, "ahh we getting a few". Well, Kenny put his crew on one of the best near shore hauls we have seen in a while. Not counting what they released, broke off or just missed, Capt Kenny put Team Lorrie on: 3 redfish, 31 puppy drum, 25 specks, 13 sheephead, and 15 white trout. That crew stayed in MS waters all day long(MORE REEFS = MORE FISH).After helping catch and cleaning that many for the 4 person crew, when I spoke with Kenny that night, he was flattened. Happy but flattened.

Sunday, Tommy Bubba and Jay were back for day two and so was the fog. Capt Matt had the world famous Tally crew and both boats were wanting to get to the LA Marsh. Fog kept us near the Bayou, but back on the trout. Water was even greener and the fish were even bigger. Jay managed to yank a bull red out of some diving birds during the bite. Did grab a few big sheepshead and big white trout before the fog broke. Capt Matt an I raced to the LA Marsh. Prettiest water we have seen since Isaac. We were sight fishing for redfish and Capt Matt was working on the trout. Bait was on every shore line we fished, and water was very clear. We caught a few of the slot reds in a foot of water pitching tight lined soft plastics tipped with shrimp. Trip was cut short due to the cold front pushing bad weather down us. Both boats returned to the dock safely with plenty of fish.

Capt Matt and Team Tally ended with 9 reds(1 released), 31 sparkle trout, and 1 big flounder. We closed our two day trip with the Rutherford crew with 40 something specks, 4 reds, 3 sheepshead, 7 flounder and many whites and ground mullet for garnish. Got boats open if anyone wants to get in on some great inshore fall fishing.

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