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Wild Hog almost jumps in Boat, Fishing Reports too!!!

Crazy couple of days, and still some great fall fishing...
Thursday, Capt Matt and Capt Kenny were both out, and on the bite. Not sure of the specifics of Capt Matts day with the Don Smith.
I know Capt Kenny had the Bailey crew on a near shore trip. James, JJ and Wade got a great bite close to the dock. From the pictures, it looked like the two youngsters and father had a work out from reeling in many many fish. The great thing about cool fall temperatures is that the near shore fishing can be just as good, if not better than the marsh fishing. The Bailey trio fished the reefs and bridges with Capt Kenny and caught:
10 puppy drum
1 red fish
15 speckled trout
70 white trout
Friday was one of the wilder days I have ever had on the water. Had two good friends of mine on the boat. John Marquez from CCA and Doug Borries from Dynamic Outdoors were along for the ride. Shore Thing has done a great triple tail show and a big shark fishing show with Dynamic Outdoors Television already this year. We were trying to get footage for a flounder fishing show. Safe to say we did not get enough footage. We had people all around us catching flatties, we were fishing "honey holes" and doing everything we have done in the past. i guess we will have to wait a little while for our flounder fishing Emmy?
However, when we were fishing one area, we noticed something swimming in open water. Sure enough, it was a wild pig, about 150 to 200 pounder! Being the conscience minded outdoors men that we are, we tried to assist the pig to shore. We offered the pig a ride in our boat several times. The beast wanted nothing to do with our generous offerings and just snapped at the boat every time we got along side of it. I know pigs can't fly, but darn, them suckers can swim!
When we got back to the dock, Capt Matt had a pile of trout and reds heads in one of the skinning buckets. Matt had the Auxnier group and he went to the LA Marsh. Think he had close to 50 and some red fish to boot. Matt and team Auxnier were also back before noon.
Saturday we had three boats out, Capt Matt went back to the marsh with the David Clepper group. He was able to find clean water, trout and plenty of red fish. The Mighty Matt said the red fish were as thick as could be, and in all sizes. He said the rat reds were almost every single cast. When they could get get threw them, they could get a slot red. The trout fishing sounded great, but did get broken up from time to time by the bull reds. The crew did pull off 75 trout and 6 slot reds. He said the action was great, even with the released bulls and rat reds.
Capt Kenny and myself took out Pat Calhoun and the Calhoun Fence Company from Richland, MS. This is the groups second two boat trip with us. We played it safe and stayed in close and hit paydirt. We fished reefs and bridges all day. Just a good steady day of catching. Both boats were keeping fish coming over the side for almost 6 hours straight. Pat got the big fish on our boat, a big sea monster black drum(released). We had live shrimp, dead shrimp, crab and artificial. Took us a little while at the cleaning table, but Kenny and I helped Pat and the Calhoun Fence crew catch:
49 mixed trout
10 sheepshead
43 drum
2 big black drum(released)
Now that deer gun season is about to open, we have plenty of days open. Give us a call if you want to get in on some great fall fishing. You guys and gals heading out into the woods, take a youngster if you can. Have fun and be safe.
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