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43 Flounder today!!!

Good day at the office Thursday, with some very good fishing.

Capt Matt was out with the Youngblood crew(party of two). I had a return trip from Team Fighting Chicken, Capt Lenny Maliotesi and Clark Levi, both from Ocean Springs. Both Capt Matt an I opted for later departures due to the chilly morning temperatures. We pulled out of Shiyou Caddy with live wells full of pretty shrimp from Bordages Marina. We both wanted to check the reefs or go the marsh if the seas were nice. Little bumpy in the open water so we both took to Plan B, FLOUNDER FISHING.

After the first three or four areas of shore line we worked, I think we were leading the race with 1 flounder. Capt Matt hit a bite down one shore line and was nice enough to call us in. Team Younglbood was hooked up when got with in sight of them. We got on the fish in the first three casts. Flounder were consistently bigger than trips past. The biggest flounder we caught had one heck of a battle scar. Seems it escaped the gigging wrath of Sid Leblanc and the Boathouse gang? Some days the stick and move technique is what works and other days it is the stay put and grind that gets them. Capt Matt did the grind and we did the stick and move.


The afternoon was right nice, the winds laid down, and it was somewhat warm. Actually saw the dolphins hurling flounder into the air several times, it was freaking amazing! The Mighty Capt Matt made the right call staying put. His crew of newbies out fished my crew of seasoned flounder pounders more than two to one. When we rolled back up on his boat after hours of moving around, he was heading to the skinning shed. We stayed a little longer and caught a few more big flatties before changing gears. Had to hit the reefs before calling it a day. Used a few of our live shrimp at the reefs to catch a couple trout, sheepshead and black drum. The two boats ended a Plan B day of fishing with 43 flounder and some trout, drum and sheepshead for garnish.

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