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300 trout in 3 days, and much more!!!

From the Shore Thing Family to yours, we wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Monday we had three boats out for one of the bigger hauls we have brought in a while. Capt Matt an I had the Newell group, winners of the Clear Channel Auction from Madison, MS. I had Jon, Britt, and Ryan along for a flat, quick ride to the LA Marsh. The trout seem to be feeding like mad, getting fat for the winter. The inside of the marsh is holding fish, and the open bays still are producing. The same scenario worked for the last three days began on Monday morning. With the low water and falling tide we fished the mouths of deep canals that emptied into larger ponds and or bays. All the fish came off of the drop offs. We fan casted with the popping corks till we found the school. Once located, we would cast on top of each other for the every cast bite. If the bite slowed, we would sink live shrimp down on the carolina rigs in the deeper channels. It worked great and we had all the trout we needed by 11 AM(took 3 stops). Had to call Capt Matt in on the last bite and when we left him, there were several trout being slung over the side. Had some time on the meter and the conditions were too perfect not to go sight casting for redfish.

Clear skies, gin clear water and plenty of red fish on the banks. We put the wind in our face and the sun at our back for several hundred yards on one perfect bank. Most of the fish we saw were singles or doubles every 5 minutes or so. The boys got the hang of spotting them, and several times, young Ryan was spotting them down the bank first. Last fish of the day was hooked and then broke off, above the cork. All four of us flung hooks out till we snagged the cork. Fish was landed, got my cork back and literally had to sit on the fish box to close it shut. Capt Matt called us on his way exiting the marsh and we rode home together. When we got back to Shiyou Caddy, Matt an I off loaded:

150 specks

7 reds

with 2 bulls released

With Captains Kyle and Kenny still at their hunting camps, we had to bring in a hired gun to help with another trip. Enter Capt Brett Ladner and the Mose Bishop 3 man crew from Jackson, MS. The Bishop crew did well, and stayed on the fish all day long. We talked to Capt Brett here and there through out the day and every time we chatted, he was steadily on the fish. Capt Brett and the Bishop crew were the last ones in with two fish boxes full. The boys had 50 something speckeled trout, 10 red fish and 1 of the bigger sheepshead we had seen in a good while. Safe to say that all 3 crews at the dock were all smiles on Monday.

Tuesday, Capt Matt an I both had holiday scheduling snafu's. We were both sitting on land and it was glass calm out front. I was across town when Mr Dean Taylor called, wanting an afternoon trip for his family(Maryllana and Seth). Grabbed some of Bay Marinas finest shrimp and met them at the dock for 1:30. Trip to the marsh took no time with the mirror calm water. Since the tide was rising, we just went to our last spot from the day before first. Picked up right where we left off fishing the same areas. Very little water was moving and the bites were shorter in duration. Young Seth did get to pick a fight with a big old bull red for a photo and release. The adults popped the cork on a bottle of white wine and I hooked the boat north. Got back to Shiyou Caddy right as the last bit of sunset was fading, just before 5 pm. In just a few short hours we got 26 keeper trout for supper. Couple of hours of sleep and back at it for Wednesday

Had my good friends John and Charles Stribling out for another great day of fishing in the LA Marsh. Young Charles showed up in flip flops! I was chilly with wool socks and rubber boots, but that little sucker toughed it out for the ride across. Got right back on the fish and started boxing trout. Water was moving even less for Wednesday, but we made it work. Just moved quickly when the bite slowed. Had a few minutes from one spot to another where we stopped and yanked a few sheepshead off some poles in the marsh for Charlie. Took all of one red fish before young Charlie asked if we could go after just reds. Big John had himself a mess of trout and gave the nod. The leeward banks we fished were full of slot reds. Pulled a triple with the sight casting and still got one more while we were uhooking one of the three. Just pitched tight lined soft plastics in the path of the very visible reds. The mighty Capt Matt was out with the Carven crew(party of two). They got on the bite and got their 50 trout in no time at all. Pretty sure they had 8 or 9 reds, but he said they saw plenty. We closed with 26 keeper trout, 6 reds, 3 sheepshead and released 1 bull. Pretty good three day stretch, and looking forward to more great fall fishing...

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