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Fish stock assessment seminar, and fishing report

 Tracking device

 Mangrove snapper otolith(ear bone)

 Black Drum otolith

 Red Snapper otolith

 Cutting Otolith for aging

Counting rings on otolith to age fish

 Research boat with nets

 Hi def side scan sonar

 reef fish trap

 deep water camera

 offshore research vessel


 Formulas for counting fish stock


Deep water release methods

Was down in St Petersburg, Fl earlier in the week, and missed the big blow. Capt Kenny sent me a buoy report from last Wednesday that showed gusts in Bay St Louis close to 60mph!!! Other than a few buckets getting blown around theShiyou Caddy cleaning table, sounded like we made out fine. The boys caught a few fish on Monday while I was in transit. Happy to report Capt Matt found some trout, with the warming water in the marsh, it was just a matter of time...
While they were having fun in the sun I spent 3 days at the South East Fisheries Region, Marine Resource Education Program. The workshop was held at Florida Fish and Wildlife Research facility in St Petersburg. The purpose of it was to explain how stock assessment were determined for fish. The 40 or so people I attended the event with were of all walks of life. They had commercial fishermen(long liners, divers, shrimpers etc), fellow charter boat captains, recreational fishermen an a healthy dose of PHD’s were all together. It was interesting to learn how these groups determined fish populations through information obtained through various sources. We were able to tour the labs and check out first hand how they captured fish, aged them and crunched the data. They let us on their researchvessels and even showed us how to age fish by cutting ololiths(ear bones) in mangrove snapper.
Their data is not with out fault or reason for uncertainty, but they were open to any suggestions or questions we had(there were plenty). Was very neat stuff, if and when you ever get a chance to give info at the launch, via phone or email, I strongly suggest you help. These folks use this data to determine a number of things concerning our fisheries and they will never have enough data. Now on with the fishing report...
Saturday myself and Capt Kyle were the only two boats out. Kyle was in the marsh with Shore Thing Charters gold club member, Justin Jeffcoat and his buddy Reed. I only got a text from him, but it was a good report. They kept 22 sheepshead, 12 specks, and 1 drum. If the weather was half as nice as we had it in the Bay, they enjoyed themselves. I had the Jarrett family from South Carolina, wrapping up their spring break road trip. They opted for a near shore half day trip. Normally we only bring 4 people or less on our boats, but we brought 5(mom, dad and 3 young sons). The boys got to have all the fun, and we kept them in the action. Mr Jarrett an I would hook the fish, the boys would wrestle for the rod, and Mrs Jarrett kept the peace. Worked great, and the fishing was steady all morning. Had a healthy mix of sheepshead and puppy drum to keep the youngsters interested. They kept a dozen fish for the cause and we released everything else. The boys even helped me clean the fish back at the World Famous Bay Marina. Good day with a great family.
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