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3 days and 12 trips(trout, reds, triple tail, drum and more) MANY MANY PICTURES!!!

Twelve trips in three days between the Shore Thing Fleet. I am gonna miss a lot of the details, but will try to post as many pictures as time allows. All of the pictures I have will be on the Shore Thing Site as well. Gonna be a long one, here we go...
Thursday I was out with Stewart and Wade from Gulf Bank. These boys were up for what ever, I actually had to talk them into keeping fish. Fished shells, deep holes and drop offs in the LA Marsh, before we found a steady trout bite. Did help that both of the boys could cast well and keep the lines tight with the moving water. The bite was suttle, and we were bouncing carolina rigs with live shrimp and mullet over shells. Once they got their rhythm down, it was time to dance. Between making fun of each other about missed bites, these comedians dropped 39 fat trout in the box in no time. With nothing but time, we worked a few banks of broken marsh with scattered shells for reds. Used the Boat Monkey Popping corks and matrix shads tipped with dead shrimp and grabbed two slot reds before the boys called for a run to the skinning shed. On the way in, Stewart asked if I could take his friend Kathy her son and her sons friend fishing the following afternoon?
Capt Matt was out with the Ernst crew for the second time in a few weeks. They came in with a pile of trout, they rolled in before me. He was in the 50-60 range. This was the crew that got the show of a 6 time anchor dragging boat where they were fishing a few weeks ago. Happy to report they had nothing but calm seas and bent rods this time. I only got to see the aftermath at the cleaning table, but even the cleaned fish bodies were big.
Capt Kenny was out with the Avery crew and they won the variety award. I took the picture at the dock, they had: nice trout, slot reds, sheepshead, pompano and the bonus triple tail. Kenny said they found the fish under an old tree. When they pitched a shrimp to it, the shrimp was trying to jump away from the triple tail. Sounded like he had to free spool shrimp so it could run from the fish. Eventually nature ran it course and the fish ate the fleeing shrimp. Pretty cool though.
Gotta get on my Team Boat House band wagon yet again...
I told Sid and Steve that we were booked pretty solid, and my motor needed to get serviced in the next three days. Those guys have been busier than all get out, so any and all help would be appreciated. Was blown away, they stayed late and did the service work on my engine(after hours). Once again, Sid Steve and Ronald and the BOATHOUSE saved the day!
Friday we covered some ground. Had Blake and Brad Devazier from Arkansas. They wanted red fish, so I figured go into 3 Mile and work the endless islands of broken marsh. Finding fish was no problem, catching them was. The first stretch of broken marsh we fished had 4 slot fish half out of the water. Blake had one actually eat his cork, and I hooked one. Both fish spit both items out of their mouths, and the rest scattered. Saw several more fish in the shallow water, but never got one to eat. Talked to Capt Kenny later in the day and he was working on some trout. We found a few at the mouth of shallow pond on the east side of the marsh. The water went from 2 feet to 6 feet at the mouth of the drain, and we could feel shells on the bottom. Kenny kept chatting on the radio with me, and our redfishing quest was put to an end to go strictly speck fishing. We set up near Capt Kenny and Team Heathery. Once again, if you could feel for the carolina rig bouncing on the shells and pick up the quick bite, you got fish. Brad and Blake brought their A-Game.In an hour those boys got 29 big specks in the box. What red fish? I told them on the way home we would look for triple tail, they though it was like a snipe hunt to get them to go in. Wouldn't ya know, the first floating piece of junk we found had a small one under it. Blake got the honors. Did not see another fish after that, but a good way to end our journey.
Magic Matt was out with the Moore crew. Seems the sheepshead took a liking to the shrimp he was throwing. They rolled in with like 6 or 8 of them. They said if you get through the sheeps you got a trout almost everytime. Think they had almost 30 trout an flock of sheeps.
I jumped back in the boat for an afternoon trip for Kathy, Marshall and Max. They had not done much saltwater fishing before, it was a bit choppy, so we went to the bridge. First cast was a bull red, and it was a fighter. The boys did most of the catching, Kathy helped me keep them from putting a hook in us. Wind and tide were going strong in opposite directions, making feeling for the bite very difficult. For newbies to saltwater fishing, the youngsters did great. They each caught several drum, and helped Kathy catch one too. Couple of hours of sleep and back at again.
And then there was Saturday...
5 boats out on Saturday and they went all over, had boats from the Bay to 3 Mile in the LA Marsh. Lil sporty in the morning, limped to the marsh in the chop. Had three generations of Williams men on board. Grandpaw Bragg, Father Andrew and his sons Henry and Gibson. They had been with me several times before and they were ok with a bumpy ride. Got set up over some shells in half way clean water, the anchor caught so we were gonna fish for a while. If you could feel the bite, you caught a fish, but we did burn through some live bait(shrimp/mullet). The seas finally calmed down, everyone found their place and trout started flying over the side, by way of the net(big ones). We tried to get the younger anglers profecient at casting and feeling for the bite. By the end of the day, both of them were getting the hang of it. The did help the adults reel in the 42 nice trout, and a few sharks for sport. Capt Matt was down the way from us with the Sagas crew. They did pretty much the same, stayed put, soaked some live bait and grinded it out. He did not get visited by the sharks though. They had close to 50 nice specks, some looked close to 4lbs!
Captains Kenny, Jimmy Ray and hired gun Capt Jim Bryan ran the 3 boat Casino trip. They were rolling in as I was heading home, but sounded like they had a little bit of everything. Trout, reds, drum, ground mullet. These boats were spread out from the Bay to LA Marsh.
My phone decided to take a swim Wednesday, I had it forwared to Capt Kyle but pretty sure I missed some calls, texts and or emails. I went from a Blackberry to an Iphone. I no clue how to use the new phone, but am trying to get with the times. If my reply to your message is unusual, bare with me please. If you called Wednesday and did not get a call back from us, this is why. Please try again and we are sorry for the inconvience.
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