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Trout full of shrimp, epic sea monster black drum and quick trips

Been at it everyday, here are the greatest hits...

Was the only boat out on Sunday, and the weather was not very kind to us. Had Crystal, Bubba, Bailey and Trace out for a half day, near shore trip. All that produced for us was the big black drum fishing in the Bay. Was unable to get Dad any trout, and too rough to give the shark a fair try. Since the crew had drum fished before, they did well, even in less than perfect conditions. Got the youngsters on a few drag screamers and called it a day.
Had another day in the Bay on Monday. Sam and Ellen were in town from Memphis for three days of fishing. They were not keeping any fish and just wanted to fight fish. With a stiff breeze and no meat hunters we went back to the drum beds. Was very cool to hear Mrs Ellen say she had never caught a fish soo big. Lost count of how many we caught but everyone was flattened.
Capt Matt made the run to the marsh with the Haley group. Even in the chop the boys were able to put together a respectable box of fish. They did the stick and move thing all day but still nabbed 20 speckled trout, 5 red fish, 1 flounder and 1 pompano. Capt Kenny was out there as well with the Boykin crew. In less than perfect conditions, his crew was just shy of 30 speckled trout, 1 red fish, 3 pompano, and 1 sheephead. They said the slicks were popping up all over the marsh.
Two boats out on Tuesday, 1 to the marsh and 1 in the Bay. Capt Matt went back to the marsh with the Burns crew from Jackson. He said the fish were there, but it was just tough to keep the boat on them. They kept at it, worked through the chop and got 30 speckled trout and 6 "Bonne and Crockett" ground mullet. The Mighty Matt said they were the biggest ground mullet he had ever seen. We eat the heck out of those things, if you have never tried them, you are missing out.
Capt Kenny, Sam an Ellen did not want to fool with the chop or the Bay(still sore). They had one more day on their fishing vacation and put all their eggs in that basket.
I was the lone "Bay" boat. Only had one guy with me, Mr Rick Gentry. Another angler not keeping fish, and just wanting the fight. Seas were much better, but it was still sporty. and we were able to move around with much more ease. Did not have to go very far, the big drum were every where. Got another angler to tell me that these were the biggest fish they had ever caught. Finally got a chance to fish on the reefs, and it payed off. The drum were big and hungry. Only able to run 2 lines on the bottom, but bites came one after another. Mr Rick was taking a break, after a several back to back drum. He told me to bring the fish in. Pretty sure it was one of the bigger drum I have ever reeled in. His hands were shaking taking the picture, and I was shaking trying to hold up the fish. After that, we called it a good day and went home. Can't stress this enough, if you have young or novice anglers, the near shore half day trip is the trip is the trip to take them on. Close to the dock, big fish and big fun.
Captain Kenny and I snuck out for a few short hours on Wednesday before the bad weather hit. He had Sam and Ellen for their last day of fishing and I had the Carter group. We had both crews meet us very early, knowing we had a very small window to fish. Seas were calm, water was pretty, and bait was every where. Made it to the LA Marsh quickly and set up over some shells. Popping corks with clear and chartreuse soft plastics were deadly. The boys kept fish flying over the side. Brandon Carter did well with a tight lined soft plastic on the bait caster he brought. The diving gulls were working good and we grabbed several keeper trout drifting around them. Capt Kenny, Sam an Ellen did well also. Very glad they got to experience the marsh, if only for a little while. Just about every time we looked at their boat, they were bowed up on something. They were still not keeping fish, but Capt Kenny released some of thier fish into a box with ice. I have a pretty good idea what Capt Kenny will be eating for supper...
Beat the rain in, but not by much. Even though we only fished about 2 hours, my crew still got 35 good speckled trout and released a nice French Tuna, aka Jack Crevelle. Some of the trout Kenny and I cleaned had jumbo shrimp in their bellies, but they still wanted more!
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