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Good Family fun, great weather, and even better fishing


The weather has been tricky to fish around the last few days, but the fishing has been good. Have had to shuffle a few trips around but the days we have been out the fish have been hungry. Was actually able to sneak out with Capt Jimmy Ray for a few hours. We needed some fresh trout to bring out for the next Cat Island trip. Found what we looking for and boxed 30 good uns in no time. Grabbed two reds and before we ran home. Jimmy Ray even tagged a baby triple tail on the way home. Been using anything swimming on the trout(shrimp, croakers, mullet, pogies, etc). As long as the water has a little movement to it and there are shells in the area, the fishing has been steady.

Since we were in early and the water was still moving I called my wife to bring my daughter down to wet a line. Have never caught specks with my little one so we used the left over live bait to box 10 big trout in about 30 mins. I have learned that leaving a few mullet in the "play well" live well can occupy the lil one when the bite is slow. Proud to say, both my gals reeled in huge trout. Could have stayed there and worked on the fish, but it was not one of those trips. Caught a few, had some fun and came home happy. One of best days on the water I have had in a while.
Capt Kenny, Capt Matt and myself were out today. All three boats did great in the glass calm seas. Got to fish next to my partners for a little while first thing in the morning. Capt Matt had the Jim Huertin Experience. The very lively crew just kept em steadily coming over the rail. They got 75 and even tangled with some bull reds. Capt Kenny and the Al Solid crew were putting a hurtin on the fish. They were the first to leave with a full box of fish. They went looking for the reds and got 5 before calling it a day. Kenny was not thrilled about it, but they went 0 for 2 on the big triple tails.
I had Clark Ellison, his son Ryan and Grandson Clarky. Very fun crew to fish with, and a very lucky bunch of guys. Last year we got a huge triple tail with them but we did even better this year. They did great on the big trout, boxing close to 40 good ones and a nice red fish. Promised the boys we would go shark fishing and even boxed a huge triple tail on the way to the sharking grounds. Got set up and had the drags screaming in no time. Lil Clark got the first good black tip. Ryan had to step in and fight the big bull shark. No wind, and hot, we were going back to look for triple tail. Saw 4 more on the way home. Boxed 2 more, tagged one and missed a good one. Very fun day on the water with some good folks.
We will be staying at the Cat Island House for the next several days so it may be a few before the next report

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