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2 Cat Island trips, bunch of photos and some great stories….


Spent 6 of the past 8 days at the Cat Island house with one day off and one day trip mixed in. Sure I am gonna miss a few details, but there will be a pile of pics on the Shore Thing site(Fishing Reports). Here we go...
Wednesday through Friday, myself along with Capt Kenny and our right hand man Corey Thornton, we spent with the Ron Byles crew out at the Cat Island house. Very easy going small crew that was up for pretty much anything we could do. They really wanted to mess with the triple tail, and we spent most of time looking for them. Thought we were in for massacre when Corey grabbed one from under a dead black drum on the supply run, early Wednesday morning! Did see several and did catch a few. Capt Kenny missed a studd on the first day and tagged some. We were not as lucky, but did find some small trout out in the LA Marsh. We did eat well, but heck we eat well on all the Cat Island trips. Steaks, fresh trout, cakes, pies, and truckers breakfast are the norm out there. Did have to dodge a few storms, but being able to run back to a 4,000 square foot air conditioned island home is better than a sharp stick in the eye...
We did get the biggest triple tail of the year in my boat on Thursday(11.2lbs), and tagged another. Was able to fish a few shell bottoms at sun down and put some big trout in the box before getting in at dark. The crew had meetings to get to on Friday and we headed in after one of Coreys delicious breakfasts. Like I said, very easy going crew.
While we were out the mighty Capt Matt was keeping the trout and red fish populations in check. I know he fished Milton and Harriet and got their two person limit of trout early. I know Capt Jimmy was out with the Dewise crew on Friday and they did well. They got 27 trout, 1 red, 1 flounder, 3 drum and 3 sheepshead. They surely won the variety award.
Promised my little girl we would hit up two birthday parties on Saturday and missed some beautiful weather and great fishing. What can I say, she is the boss.
All the boats were on Sunday. Most of the trout were caught under diving birds in the LA Marsh. Seems as though another wave of good sized shrimp pushed through.Capt Matt, Corey and myself were headed back out to the island with the Chris Suddeth crew(Chris, Doug, Miles, Bill, Dave, Brian, Peter and Dr John). Weather was pretty poor for the trip, but we still caught fish. If it was too rough to catch trout, we would look for reds or big sharks. If it was too rough for that we yanked big alligator gar off the front porch of the camp! Some of the crew had never caught sharks, so we got everyone one that wanted one, all big black tips. Was able to enjoy some of the fresh trout we caught, and nothing in this world is better than eating trout that was caught a few hours prior. Despite mother natures best attempts to ruin our good time, it was a great trip. The food, beverages, cigars, fishing and dirty jokes kept the good times going. Sounded like they are planning a repeat next year. Big thanks to the Mayor of Cat Island Mr Walter Gaudin. He used his cuddy cabin Grady White to bring most of the crew in. Matt, Corey and I brought in our bay boats and everyone got in safe, dry and happy.
The strong winds on Tuesday kept Capt Kenny in the Bay. He said the seas were near flat in the Bay, but rough as all get out in the sound. He kept Tyler and Garrett safe and in the fish. They worked on the drum, both and big and small ones. Kenny said they broke some big uns, but boated a many over 30 and a few over 40lbs. Happy to see those fish stuck around for the warm summer months. The near shore trips in the Bay are a great plan B for a howling east wind.
After his great fishing report from Tuesday, Capt Matt and I had a trip that was game to try it in the Bay. Terry Ellis brought us two boat loads of family to wet a line. I had three generations, Paw Paw Corbin, Dad Jeff and grandson Colton. We went after the big fish, and Capt Matts crew worked on the trout and puppy drum. They were on the reds, but none of them made the cut on the measuring tape. Our biggest drum was well over 40lbs, long and large. Young Colton caught the biggest fish of his life, I never get tired of hearing that. We did peak our head out into the sound, it was just too calm in the Bay. The sound was another story once we cleared the Bay. Rough as snot, but we did see one triple tail. Threw the biggest shrimp I have had in my live wells this year at it. Could not believe my eyes when I saw a shrimp soo big it won a fight with a triple tail. The fish was snapping at it, but the shrimp kept jumping and popping to get away from it. Once the triple tail swam away, I had no choice but to let the big shrimp go, he earned it...
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