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Huge report, tons of pics!!! Crazy stories and great fishing!!!!


Days are running together, gonna have to let the pictures tell most of this one. Looks like I am going to have to hit the highlights. Still had the boats out everyday since the last report. Some days we have been out all day, and some, mother nature has called us back to the dock early. Fishing has been good, but we have not been pushing our luck. Thursday I had the Heney crew our for a half day near shore in MS Waters. Did find some big trout early, just not big numbers, Did have two firsts happen for me this year. Caught a 12 inch triple tail under a log, which is not a huge deal. It was a huge deal when we saw the tag hanging from it. Called it in and looking forward to see where that little sucker has been and how much he has grown. Went looking for more triple tail and thought we saw another log in the distance. As we closed in on it, we noticed the log disappear. The log surfaced again and we discovered it was a 6 foot alligator in open water!

Capt Kenny was over in the marsh with the Lucas crew and Capt Matt was over there with the Bolton boys. They made a day of it pounding banks for redfish and trout. I was long gone by the time the returned. Once again, Sid, Steve, Ronald, Dylan and Griffen at the Boat House saved my tail. I noticed my "pee" stream on my engine was not flowing right, meaning the water pump was probably due for a change. The boys made quick work of the change out and confirmed it was long over due. A chain is only as strong its weakest link and the Boat House gang is one of our strongest links, Many Thanks Guys!
Friday was a good one with some great catches and crazy sights. I had the Harmeyer family on board, compliments of the Silver Slipper Casino. The family was on their way to Gulf Shores and figured they would make a stop off and start their vacation early. One of the better half day near shore trips I have run this year. We boxed 40 big trout in no time. Several times we had triple hook ups going. Live shrimp, mullet, pogies and shrimp were all getting smashed on the carolina rigs.Went looking many miles for triple tail. Finally saw one under a floating bag of sunflower seeds in a current line. Got him on a small live pogey and gave him the tag and release.
Big things went on in the LA Marsh, we had 4 boats go across. Did see Capt Matt at the dock with the Hebert Family, back for their second time this week. They wacked the big drum with Capt Kenny on Tuesday and wanted trout this time. Capt Matt did not disappoint and came through with a healthy box of specks and whites an a red.
Capt Kenny and hired gun, Capt Darren Lander had the two boat Hill group. Saw them at the skinning shed, and had the dock covered in trout and reds. Capt Darrens crew had the crazy stuff happen to them. While trout fishing, a massive tarpon smoked one of their trout rods. The crew Darren had on his boat actually fishes tournaments for tarpon in Florida. They got three jumps out of the beast and estimated the fish well over 150 POUNDS! Darren said the fish was soo big it had trouble getting its whole body out of the water, very freaking cool!
Capt Jimmy Ray was out there as well with the Stenson crew. Pretty sure he sent those pics, but I know they did well too.
Got the stats for Saturday. The weatherman lied to us yet again for Saturday, but this time we were on the good side of things. Capt Jimmy Ray and I were out with the Douglas crew(Gary, Kevin, Aaron, Spencer, JD and Evan). The Fly Rod boys have been fishing with us for several years and they always luck up on the fish. Used the fly rods very little this go round, but our Okuma spinning gear aka "idiot sticks" produced big time. We kept the boats close together and had some fun talking trash on a great bite. Big trout were flying over the side. The big females were over the shells feeding before the full moon. Pure chaos when both boats hooked up on big bull reds. Jimmy Rays crew got theirs, but we pulled the hook on ours. Lucky Kevin on our boat, did get two more before the smoke cleared. Threw out the big rod when the bite started to slow and locked into a battle royal with a huge bull shark(photo and release). The boats split up but both got on some good fishing. Jimmy Ray and the boys found some school trout and went to working on them. Only fish we caught on the fly rod was a spanish mackerel. We tried to get a triple tail on the fly(twice), but they were not having it. Did use the live shrimp on the idiot sticks to get three good ones before calling it a day. The two boat trip ended Day 1 with 72 trout, 3 bull reds 4 drum, 1 sheepshead, 1 bull shark, 1 bonnethead and went 3 for 3 on Triple Tail WHAT A DAY!!!!
Capt Kenny was out with the Tootle crew, and they went deep into the LA Marsh. Having local fishing legend Donald Evans did wonders for the cause. They were able to find a great bite of trout late in the morning and box 55 keeper trout before heading in. They did get a nice triple tail on the ride home too.
Capt Darrens crew did well on both the trout and reds in the marsh. They used the high water to their advantage and grabbed slot reds in the back of a normally shallow pond unreachable on most days. They also banged out 39 trout for the cause.
Capt Matt was out with the Bennett gang and they were in the LA marsh. Capt Matt said their bite did not kick into high gear until 11AM. When it did, they boxed 50 trout fast and furious.
Sunday, Capt Matt and I were back out, and it was a quick one. Day two for the Douglas boys and the weather was not that great. We had a good breeze and storms on the way. Used the live bait to pull out a great catch. Between the two boats we caught almost 60 good trout, 1 bull red, 1 big jack crevealle, a good flounder and some rat reds. Got chased in before storms hit, but we are calling it a victory.

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