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4 Days at Cat Island and Hundreds of trout on Friday!!!!

Now that the younger anglers are back in school, we have started getting some days/boats open. The "knuckle head factor" is way down and should be for the next few weeks. Anyone looking to enjoy an easy trip to the marsh or a quick trip in close, now is the time to go. Less boaters and fishing pressure makes things much easier. Just give us a call, text or email if you want to get in on the action. Now, on with the fishing report...

Was able to sneak out last week one day with Nathan Guice to do a little fishing before he had to get to meeting. Pretty easy morning, and we actually left the trout biting. Capt Kenny was next to us with the Deoca crew. We were fighting a loosing battle with time and Nathan wanted to go look for triple tail. We left Kenny and his crew the trout, they were doing great on em. Nathan an I have triple tail fished enough together that we don't have to speak much, the boat just kind of runs itself. If he misses a shot at a fish, or other fish pop up I make the cast. System worked well, but the first few fish were all in my favor. He would either get the smaller fish(taggers) or I would just luck up and get the big ones. Highlight of the day came when we caught a tagged fish. Had a hunch it was one of the ones we caught with my buddy Chris Gouras a few weeks earlier. Called Chris and Read Hendon at the GCRL and confirmed it was! We rolled in with a some trout and 3 stud triple tails, several tagged, and one recapture/release. Capt Kenny and his crew had a box of trout and two nice triple tail.

Took a few days to get ready for a 4 day trip to Cat Island. Capt Kenny and I had the pleasure of fishing with Mr Mac Delaup owner of Cast A Way rods and Fish N Hunt wading belts. Mac and his people have been fishing with Shore Thing Charters for a decade. A group of die hard Texas wade fisherman, we had to beg them to fish out of the boat some days. Despite mother natures best attempts to rain on our parade, we had an absolute blast. Capt Kenny, myself and our chef Corey Thornton rode to the island early Thursday to set up for the long stay. We had two boat loads of food and supplies. On the way back to Pass Harbor to pick up Mac and the 8 other fishermen, Capt Kenny tagged a small triple tail he found in the middle of no where.

Mac, Glen, Bill, Katy, Jane, Travis, Lee, Tiny and Chris showed up with enough gear to stay for a month. They had over 50 rods, full wadding gear, duffle bags of clothes, tackle boxes and several cases of adult beverages. Made the run out, stowed our gear and enjoyed a flat calm afternoon of fishing around Cat Island. Both boats found some cobia, but none of the fish measured. They did wade a few of the beaches for trout, but the lady fish ate everything they threw. Knowing we were having a shrimp boil, and the start of Happy Hour, the crew was ready to get back to the island house. A couple hours of sleep and we were all back on the water. We all knew the forecast was going to junk Saturday and Sunday so we took advantage of the nice weather Friday. Capt Kenny took one crew to the LA Marsh and I took a crew wade fishing on the South side. Capt Kennys crew landed on the trout and brought home a big haul of big fish. They did all the damage on the plastic and were calling us around 930 on the way back to the house. My crew took advantage of the high water to cast top waters into the grass along the banks of the island. We did well on the slot reds. Mac had a close call when a good trout smashed his super spook. He was lifting the fish out of the water when a big bull shark took the fish and his lure. There would be pay back for that incident in the afternoon...

We did have other boats out in the marsh on day trips from Bayou Caddy. Captains Matt, Brett and Jimmy Ray were all on the fish as well. I am fairly certain that none of the boats returned with less than 75 trout. Sounded like they had the trout surrounded in one little bay and just went to work on them. Don't know if it was just those fish feeding before that weather system hit, but they all said that the fishing was insane. Just like Capt Kenny, they did almost of the damage on plastics, either tight lined or under the popping corks. Will try and track down the boys to get the pics from the trips.

After a big lunch of sloppy roast beef poboys most of the crew took a siesta or started happy hour early. A few of the boys asked if I would take them shark fishing, how could I say no? Don't know how, but the afternoon storms all went around us for 4 hours. Took one throw with the cast net to get about 40 big mullet for bait. We spent the afternoon hooping and hollering with sharks on the entire time. Lee and Tiny were having too much fun with the big bull sharks, the big black tips and the little silky sharks(All Released). Early on in our adventure they would not come near the fish when I hauled them in the boat to get my hooks back. A couple of hours and several cans of "Clown Juice" later they were holding the sharks for the photos. They took videos on their phones but the commentary was, let's just say not PG.

The festivities carried way into the night with big steaks and fishing stories from the day. Most of the crew slpet in and goofed off around the house after a late breakfast. Kenny took out a crew Saturday morning for some wade fishing. They were able to find some calm water and hungry fish. Mac had the fish story of the trip, and this time he got both fish in. He was still throwing his go to Super Spook topwater when a keeper trout nailed it. While fighting the fish, a 22 inch red tried to eat the bait and he caught both of them! They returned with a nice mess of trout and slot fish before the rain came down.

That afternoon both boats were limited in where we could fish, but we made the best of it. Most of the fishing was done close to the house. Both boats were forced in early that afternoon. Partly because of the weather and partly because of the fresh fried trout with all the fixins. A rowdy poker game, and some good country music kept most of the crew up late. Sunday was our last day on the island and everyone slept in due to rain. We packed our gear, donned the rain gear and made the run in. Capt Darren was nice enough to meet us at Pass Harbor to help off load the boats and clean the big box of trout and reds. With three knives flying we cut threw them in no time. Mac and the crew were already planning their next trip to the island in 2014 before they left the harbor.

With soo much stuff to bring in, we were forced to leave a boat load of fish boxes and trash at the island. Capt Kenny an I left early Monday morning to go pick up our stuff and take out the trash. To pretty of a day not to wet a line. Capt Kenny wanted to show me where he caught the triple tail he tagged on Thursday. Pretty sure he was not lying, I caught the same fish he tagged! Also caught a fat 22 inch triple tail. We both agreed to tag the fish and release it. That not any easy decision, but we did not think to bring ice...

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