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LOTS OF PICS I got a 17 pound triple tail!!!! Huge bull reds, sharks and more triple tail too


We have been on a decent run the last few days, little of this an a little of that. Be sure to check out the pictures, here we go...

Tuesday was a good day with a good dude. I was having some minor problems with my boat. The most logical thing to do was ask our mechanic Sid "The Boatman" Leblanc to come out and see if he could tell why the boat was acting up. Just so happened that a live well was full of shrimp and some fishing rods came along with us. After much careful inspection, he was able to diagnose and fix the problem. Of course we had to test the repairs in an everyday situation. The stop and go action of triple fishing was the perfect testing grounds. The boat ran with out falter, another successful repair by Sid Leblanc. He was very thorough in his work, because it took numerous stops at the many triple we just so happened to come across. I was even able to reel in a personal best, 17 POUNDS! Sid and I boated 8 fish and tagged a few more. All in a days work for the the Boat Man, thanks Sid!
Capt Matt was out with the Robinson crew making a day of it. They were able a few trout, but did dial in the reds. Drifting one bank of flooded grass they yanked out a dozen slot red fish in no time. I was out with the same crew on Wednesday and we could not land on the trout. Only got a very very few, but did find a slew of big bull reds. We were able to find one drain in the LA marsh that was pumping thousands of pogies out of it. We were chunking the boat monkey corks with soft plastics under them. What fish did not spool or break us off we gave the photo and release. Finally was able to reach Capt Kenny on the VhF. He had just put two hawg leg triple tail in the box and that was all we needed to hear. Water was lil choppy but we made it work. Was able to show the Robinson crew their first triple tail ever. Capt Kenny along with Francis and Benjy kept working on them. To compliment the handful of trout and slot red they had, 4 studd triple tail came in with them. The two biggest fish they caught came in their first two casts!!!
Not sure what Capt Matt, JC and Bill did. From the looks of the fish heads at the skinning shed, they were able to find a few trout and some reds before heading in early. It was hot out there...
And then there was Thursday...
Had my new friends Brook Sanders and his crew from Real South Hunting. They do a killer web based show that they may have to change the name to Real South Hunting and Fishing? This crew spends most of their free time in the woods so the salt water thing was some what new to them. Glass calm seas stayed with us all freaking day long, it was a pretty one. Still was not able to find a good trout bite, but we did not look for very long at all. They wanted footage, and we got it. Put the boys on some big black tips and fairly certain they would have spent all day doing that. Water was too clean and calm not to go looking for triple tail. We were able to see floating debris from half a mile away it was so calm. For some reason there was junk floating every where. Not thrilled about the amount of trash we ran through, but the numerous huge triple tail we caught eased the pain. For never seeing or catching a triple tail, the Real South crew was lethal. They all caught one, and nice ones at that. We kept 6 good uns and tagged 2 smaller ones. I will post the link to the show when they get done with it, should be dynamite!
Kenny and Matt are out at the Cat Island house for the next few days, so should be some good reports coming in.
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