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A September to remember(Cat Island, alligator hunting, huge triple tail and more)!!!


It truly has been a September to remember. Between football and hunting seasons, we have had most of the water to our selves. We have missed about a week since the last report, but we have been busy. The boys have been fishing, catching and doing a little a playing on the side. Gonna be a long report, and I am sure there will be a few details missed. Gonna try and put all the pics on the Shore Thing site(reports), but here are the high notes...
Earlier in the week, the trout fishing had been a tad bit slow. No worries there, the boys have been making up for it with the slot/bull reds and the incredible triple tail fishing.
Last Saturday, we had the Killingsworth crew out on a slack tide day. We landed on a hive of perfect 17-20 inch slot fish. In less than 3 hours we put 20 reds in the box before going to look for triple tail. The boys wanted to catch a football game on TV, so we had to move quickly. We only checked half a dozen floating objects and nabbed three big uns. Also tagged some smaller ones before they asked to brought in.
Capt Kenny made a great day of it last week with the Kitchens crew(Greg, Cynthia and Guidon). When this crew is not on Safari, they are taking their grandson fishing. They did great on the red fish. The bulls have been gorging on the pogies on the outside of the marsh. They were able to find a mess of them and then beat up the triple tail on the way home. Greg and the crew has been with us many times before, but Capt Kenny put them some big hawg leg triple tails this go round.
Coach Cory Boyles brought his dad and his two boys Luke and Jake last week on a great trip to the LA Marsh. We went back to the 20 red fish hole but the water was too high. Did manage 4 slot reds and missed a few more. The little ones were getting a little bored with the slow fishing so we fired up the yamaha AC and went looking for triple tail. Glad we did, they were plentiful and hungry. They were able to get 6 big triple tail before they pullled the plug and we headed home.
Capt Matt has been putting some long hours, and I have done a horrible job on keeping up on his catches. Captains Matt, Jimmy Ray and Darren have by far done the best on the trout. They have been running all over the marsh in search of the elusive September Sparkle Trouts. Captain Kenny and I have been spending most of days hunting reds and triple tail. We did fish the same area one day last week, scouring the open water for the black fish.
Captain Kenny had "Reel Repair" Ronnie Farrel. Mr Ronnie is the one who does all the repairs/maintenance on all of our reels. He is one of the better trollers in the river come winter time, but he was looking for triple and topwater trout(they found both). I had Shore Thing Platinum Plus Elite member Nathan Guice. Captain Kenny and Nathan both were responsible for yours truly reeling in the biggest fish of the day. Captain Kennys boat and our boat were both racing to the same floating object when he radioed us telling us to check it(he had found something else). When we got there, Nathan was fumbling with a tangle and told me to cast at it. Was able to hook and land a monster(many thanks boys). Fish looked in the 15 POUND range. Time, Fuel, and Luck is all there is to triple fishing. It really helps when you have plenty of all three on the boat.
Had a great day on the water this past Monday with Al Jones and Lee Field from WLOX news. Rounding out the group was "Dynamic" Doug Borries with Dynamic Outdoors hunting and fishing TV. Everyone had meetings that morning, so we could not leave the dock until after 1pm. Lady luck was on our side and it was all triple tail, all afternoon! Lee took turns from filming to catching duties. Dynamic Doug did great on the spinning gear, but wanted a bigger challenge. Coming off a double world slam on turkeys this past year, he was looking for a triple tail on the fly rod. Gotta give him credit for his persistence, he would not give up. Getting close to our limit, he finally got one to eat a shrimp patterned fly. Fish was easily over 10, and was fun to watch him fight. You can see some of the video they shot here(http://www.wlox.com/category/264403/fish-and-game-report).
While Capt Kenny and Kyle were out fishing with Ronald and Steve from the Boat House, I was on an alligator hunt. Got an invite to go down to Braithwaite, LA on a swamp people style alligator hunt with the guys from South East Louisiana Alligator Hunts LLC. After a very short drive from Bay St Louis to St. Bernard Parish, I was on a air boat with two very nice gentlemen from Morgan Stanley(Gavin and Joey). My group had fallen apart the week before but I was able to sneak in with these good dudes. The air boat ride alone made the trip for me, I have never ridden on one. We only ran a few dozen lines before they found a big eight and 9 foot gators to take. We saw big and small gators all morning and I did not realize that the season was almost over. They had been harvesting gators up 13 feet long for weeks! All in all, it was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had. Kinda one of those, you have to see it to believe things. Since the place is so freaking close, it can easily be done. I hunted, got lunch on the way home and was back in time to pick my daughter up from school. They will have hundreds of tags for the 2014 season, I am gonna try and get me a tree breaker next year. They handle everything, it was painless, easy and fun as hell. When I called Capt Kenny to tell him about the hunt they were in the middle of a double on triple tail. He hung up on me, but sounded like they were havin a ball.
Capt Matt I spent the next three days out at Cat Island with Will Cox and the Lonza Group. One of the windier trips we have been on, but we made the most of it. We were able to work on the slot reds pretty good. Most of the water we fished was muddy from the high winds and seas. The crew was able pound the banks with Boat Monkey Popping corks, soft plastics or Strike King Redfish Magic spinner baits. Capt Matts crew certainly got us on the numbers, so we had to try and get them on the size. The last morning while drifting the troughs at Cat Island, we put out some huge pieces of blue fish and lady fish on the big poles. David and John were able to double up on huge black tips before we had to call it a day. Of course the best seas we saw in three days were on the ride to the dock. The food, fun and fellowship was very good with this group. The ice chest full of slot reds was not a bad parting gift either.
Taking advantage of the break in the wind, Capt Jimmy Ray was out with Chuck and Charlie Knight from Missouri. They were on some good fish in the nice weather. Looks as though Capt Jimmy put the father and son team on a pretty limit of trout and reds. Nice work Capt J-Ray and Team Knight!
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